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Arisaka bolt back
Arisaka bolt down
Arisaka bolt front
Arisaka bolt up
Arisaka clip in
Arisaka mn
Arisaka mn act
Arisaka snp st act
Arisaka snp st f
Arisaka st act b
Arisaka st f
Bar act1
Bar act2
Bar act3
Bar charge
Bar mag in
Bar mag out
Bar mono4
Bar mono5
Bar mono6
Bar mono7
Bar mono8
Bar st act
Bar st f
Bar tap
Fg42 futz
Fg42 gr
Fg42 mag in
Fg42 mag out
Fg42 mn
Fg42 mn act
Fg42 pull
Fg42 release
Fg42 st act
Fg42 st f
Gewehr43 mag contact
Gewehr43 mag in
Gewehr43 mag out
Gewehr43 mn
Gewehr43 mn act
Gewehr43 mn sup
Gewehr43 slide back
Gewehr43 slide forward
Gewehr43 snpr1
Gewehr43 snpr2
Gewehr43 st act
Gewehr43 st f
Gewehr43 st sup
Kar98k act
Kar98k bolt back
Kar98k bolt forward
Kar98k bolt up
Kar98k clip eject
Kar98k clip land
Kar98k gr
Kar98k mono1
Kar98k mono2
Kar98k mono3
Kar98k mono4
Kar98k rechamber
Kar98k round in1
Kar98k round in2
Kar98k st act
Kar98k st f
Kar98k st r
M1carbine act mn
M1carbine charge
M1carbine futz
M1carbine gr
M1carbine m left
M1carbine m right
M1carbine mag in
M1carbine mag out
M1carbine mn
M1carbine st act
M1carbine st f
M1garand breech close
M1garand clip in
M1garand clip out
M1garand mn
M1garand mn action
M1garand ping
M1garand pull slide
M1garand st act c
M1garand st f
Mosin bolt back
Mosin bolt down
Mosin bolt forward
Mosin bolt up
Mosin mn act
Mosin st act
Mosin st f
Mosin st r
Mosin st sur
Rifle close 3p
Rifle dry fire mn
Rifle dry fire st
Rifle gren click
Rifle gren futz
Rifle gren load
Rifle gren remove
Rifle open 3p
Rifle rechamber 3p
Ringoff asslt left
Ringoff asslt right
Springfield mn
Springfield mn act
Springfield snp st f
Springfield st act
Springfield st f
Stg44 act1
Stg44 act2
Stg44 act3
Stg44 act4
Stg44 act5
Stg44 charge
Stg44 futz
Stg44 mag in
Stg44 mag out
Stg44 mn
Stg44 raise
Stg44 st act
Stg44 st f
Stg44 st r
Svt40 left
Svt40 left mn
Svt40 mn
Svt40 right
Svt40 right mn
Svt40 st act
Svt40 st f
Svt40 st r
Svt40 st sur