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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A small matter Kill the high Priestess Jane. Once she's gone, this little nuisance will be ended. Interested.
Amusing. He considers himself the leader of the Fargo traders. More of a figurehead, actually. He knows better than to interfere with my business.
And annoying organization. Soon they may need a demonstration in the management of power.
And I had such hopes for you. But I can't have you warning the children. Kane. Remove our friend here. And pass along some instructions on silence.
As I said.
As you may know. The children of the cathedral have been gaining influence in this town and frankly. I won't stand for it.
Background. There's a certain merchant who's. How to phrase this? Not cooperating fully with the Underground.
Be advised. I am unaccustomed to repeating myself.
Everything is my business in the hub. Either tell me or you may leave.
Excellent. You see, the last job I gave you was a test, and you did exceedingly well. Now comes a job of importance.
Exceptional job. I believe the religious faction shall not interfere anymore. And speak with Kane for your reward. My thanks. And I will certainly keep you in mind in the future.
Good day again my friend. I have another job for you. Are you interested?
Harold's been around for some time. He's over in Old Town, a good source for certain types of information.
He's the head of the Crimson caravan.
He's the head of the police. Nice guy if you like the straight arrow on this type. Not like his father. Now there was a loyal man.
He's the head of the water merchants.
I already told you.
I am quite a patient man. But even I have limits, Cain. Teach this simple tonal lesson.
I believe I'm beginning to like you. The pay is 1000 up front and 4000 upon completion. And trust me. I'll know when it's done.
I must confess feeling a bit. Disappointed in you? But these things happen. You will remember this is confidential. Good day.
I see. And my assistant will show you to the door.
I will not say that again.
I'm not a tour guide. Go see for yourself.
I'm very proud of you. You're ruthless. An attribute I admire. Kane will give you your payment. I hope you're available in the future.
It's a small place that sells fair weapons over by the Fargo traders.
It's in the centre of town.
It's standard pay. 500 caps to start. Another 2500 when the job is done. Will you do it?
Just out the door into the north. You can't miss it.
Keep it brief please.
Like I said.
Morpheus is the head of the children of the cathedral. He resides down in the boneyard.
Most merchants live there. Simply go West from here.
Most people do not bandy the name of my organization around lightly. We control the hub.
My mother's finest woman I've ever known gave me the idea for this. The finest entertainment establishment in all the Hub.
Myths and legends The death claw is supposedly a ghost or something.
No. Please get your payment and leave.
Ohh excellent. The standard pay is 500 scripts to open. And another 2500. The clothes.
Old Town takes up the entire East side. The Skaggs live there.
One of the fabrications of the children. He supposedly some minor deity or something.
Pardon me?
Paul, a matter of semantics, but yes, kill them. Will you take the job?
Put that down.
Quite excellent. My assistant will enumerate you on the way out please. Close the door behind you.
Quite simple. Hunt down the merchant and his wife. And exterminate them.
Really. Now why would I want to do that?
She's in charge of the weapons store.
She's presently the head of the children of the cathedral in the hub. I have reason to believe that may change soon.
So you're looking for a job? Unfortunate. I have one that needs doing. Ohh, but where are my manners? What's your name?
Someone appears to be stealing whole caravan from the Fargo traders. And the thieves circle is causing their normal minor difficulties.
Something is making the Fargo traders caravans disappear. I'd like to know the cause, since it does disrupt the peace of my business.
Stop that.
Talk to Kane about that. He can tell you more.
Talk to Kane on your way out. He'll provide you with details.
That's not important.
The Merchant market is in the center of town, surrounded by a number of establishments. You have the heights to the West and the Old Town to the east.
The pay is 1000 in advance and 4000 upon. Execution. And trust me, I'll know when it's over.
Then killing the merchant wasn't.
Then we have nothing more to discuss.
They control the water. Go to the South end of the merchant market, You'll find them there.
They live in the Heights on Barrow St. and Thunder Ave. complete the job in return.
They steal from the merchants and give to the poor or some such nonsense. They are inconsequential to me. That old mutant Harold would no more.
They used to control the hospital until the children took over. Now they sit and brood in their warehouse. Very strange. You will find them at the North West end of the merchant market.
They. The crotch. Let's leave it at that, shall we?
They're the last of the merchants. And I mean that literally. Small time stuff mostly. Look North east of the merchant market.
Trust me, I'll know.
Under the circumstances, yes.
Very nice. The merchant lives in the Heights on Barter St. and Thunder Ave. Your initial pay will be handed to you on your way out.
Well, the pleasantries are now concluded. Do you wish to hear about the job?
Weren't you listening to me? I said.
What a pity. Are you certain you won't even hear what the job is?
What? That isn't important now.
You are arrogant. My assistant will show you through. I mean to the door.
You have no need to know anything else about me.
You're in The Maltese Falcon. There's also the all-in-one store. The Armory, the friendly lending company, the police and unfortunately, the children of the Cathedral Hospital.