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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
All right, both planets have clouds, but most of the clouds on Mars are made of dust.
Check out the distances. Remember that one of these planets is much closer to the sun.
Choose a section of this report by clicking on the tabs way over there.
Click around. There's plenty to see. See those reports on the wall? If you wanna choose one, just click on it, click on the bus and you're out of here. Zoom straight into outer space. If you want t...
Click on a planet or the steering wheel to choose the planet you want to visit, then click on the lever to go go go.
Click on a planet to fill the dispenser. You can start or stop the flow of planets by clicking on the handle. Try to fill Jupiter up with just the right number of planets.
Click on a planet, then snip snip. Cut it in half by clicking on the scissors. Next, click on the layers to see what they're made of.
Click on either planet to make it revolve. When you see a birthday cake, click on it to see how many birthdays you would have had on that planet. Have your cake and eat it too.
Click on the crank to move the dispenser into place. Click on the bins of rock, dust or ice. Fill the rings and make Saturn rotate.
Click on the photos that are inside the report to hear all about them. You might even find a joke.
Click on the planet Picker or the steering wheel to choose the planet you want to visit. Wanna see a report? Choose one by clicking on the monitor buttons and just click on a picture to see a repor...
Click on the ramp to choose the angle and on the flame to choose the speed. Then click on the bus to send it into orbit, Asta La Vista.
Click on the sun and the gas cloud to change their sizes, then click on the thermometer to check how hot the planet is. What do you think would happen to a slice of pizza on Venus?
Click on the what's it over there to play a game?
Click on Tim Sketchpad to do a very. Resting science experiment.
Congrats. Although both Earth and Mars have great mountains, after a hike on Earth, you could go jump on a lake.
Exactamundo. Both planets have riverbeds, but the ones on Mars are all dried up.
Go ahead, click on the slingshot, the green band, or the meteor, then click on the finger to let her fly blast them.
Good choice. While there are sand dunes on both Mars and Earth, those on Mars can be much higher. Can you imagine the doom buggy you'd need on Mars?
Got it. Both Earth and Mars have ice caps, but Martian ice caps are surrounded by canyons, dust and rocks.
Hey, good job. True, you'd find lots of rocks on both planets, but grass and other plants? Only on Earth, my friend.
If you wanna close, click on the tab way over there.
Look closer. You can easily tell these planets apart at bedtime.
Now think hard. Which planet has a thicker atmosphere where clouds can form?
Ohh smooth, both Earth and Mars have volcanoes, but only on Earth are they still active. Got a live 1 here.
Personally, you wouldn't catch me camping out in a Martian crater. No wood to build a fire.
See what happens when you click around.
Sorry Charlie. Remember, only one planet in the whole solar system has grass growing or water flowing.
Terrific. You can see stars from both planets, but only Mars has two moons.
The object here is to line up the planet with the right picture. Click on either planet to switch their positions, then click on OK to see how you did. Three strikes and you're out. But hey, you ca...
There's less gravity on Mars, so when volcanoes there were alive, they were way active.
Think of it this way. The features on Mars are generally more dramatic than Earth's features. You know, bigger, deeper or rougher.
Think plants yoho. Which planet might have desert grasses growing around its sand dunes?
This is the crater creator science experiment. Craters are big holes made by meteors when they crash on a planet or moon and explode used a slingshot to make a crater on the moon.
This is the design no ring science experiment. Saturn is easy to recognize because of its rings. They look solid, but actually they're made of rock, ice, and dust. Have fun designing your own rings...
This is the pack and fill science experiment. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. See how many of each of the other planets can fit inside.
This is the planet cut and slice science experiment. Cut the planets in half to see what scientists think is in the middle of each one.
This is the Pluto Loop science experiment and object has to go at just the right speed and angle to stay in orbit. See if you can send the bus into a perfect circular orbit.
This is the revolving planet science experiment. Planets revolve around the sun at different speeds. See how the speeds of Earth and Mercury compare.
This is the tilt and match science experiment. Planets rotate at different speeds and different angles. Try to guess each planet's angle of rotation by matching it to the angle of the beach ball.
This was a tough one. Only one of these planets has icebergs.
To change the tilt of the ball, click on the boot. To make the ball spin, just click on it. Then try to make a match by clicking on a planet.
Welcome to Mars match. These pictures may look a lot alike, but they're not. One is Mars and the other is Earth.
Welcome to the Venus Blanket science experiment. The carbon dioxide and other gases in Venus's atmosphere act like a blanket and help keep heat in. This is called the greenhouse effect. See if you ...
Whoa, good eyesight. Mars and Earth both have craters formed by meteors. Mars has a ton of them though, and Earth only has a few.
Whoops. Now think hard. Which planet is mostly rocks and dust?
You can't walk in space. Use the planet Picker to choose a destination first.
You God Mars has canyons just like earth. But on Mars there are a lot easier to see because they tend to be larger, like volleys. Marineras sounds like a spaghetti sauce. It is longer than 13 of Ea...
You need to put the planet picker away before you can go outside.
You're giving up so soon you still haven't found the Friz. Don't you want to keep playing?