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All the plants are gone now.
And an exploding volcano.
And look the Ultra Ninja Lord idol.
And now we can get that catalytic fusion converter.
Are you still need to tweak it a little bit?
But it's still out there.
Clever boys.
Goddard start looking for somewhere to use this. Let's go boy.
Got it yet?
Ha, take that calamitous.
Here be pirates.
Here it goes, boy.
Here you go, boy.
Hey, boy.
I bet they're meant to reflect light into that photovoltaic cell boy.
I don't think I should go in there until I have the Goddard Shield.
I give you the robo ninja.
I need to duplicate myself.
I present.
I should be able to stop the launch.
I should be able to turn the mirrors.
I sure could use that orb.
I think I've missed something.
I wonder if this unusual floor has anything to do with it.
I'm going to need a lot of batteries.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I've been thinking.
I've got a bad feeling about this Goddard.
If we try again, we might be able to get the satellite back to normal.
It's great to be underwater again, Goddard.
Let's see what the squid left behind this time.
Let's see what's in the middle of the plants this time, Goddard.
Look at all those guards got her.
Look at that.
Maybe I should phone home?
No, too much effort.
Now I just have to find somewhere to use it.
Now I just need to find a racetrack to use it.
Now what?
Ohh right.
OK, boy.
Pressing the jump button will make me jump.
See. No sweat.
Sfx w1a
Sfx w1a
Sfx w1a
Sure, coach levy.
That might be useful.
The communication station.
The Ghostbuster fan.
The Jimmy bought.
The shrine of the Ultra Ninja Lord.
The virtual world containment field must have failed.
The whole world has gone topsy turvy.
There's some coconuts in the middle of that pond.
This isn't good, Goddard.
This might come in handy.
This mountain slope has it all.
Time to blow them away.
To the abandoned silo.
We have to dodge those spotlights.
We haven't got enough for anything here, Goddard.
We were nearly fish food.
We were too slow, Goddard.
We'll have to try again if we want to see what's in that wreck.
We're going pirate hunting.
We're going under the sea.
Well, I guess that's it.
Whoo boy, we might be able to use that.
Wow, look at all these mirrors.
Wow. Goddard.
Yes, Sir.
You know Goddard.
You want God.