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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
And you'll find that some tools need rubies before they'll work.
At last you have the vision to find my house. Now you will see the sand crummies that prevent your approach to Gannon. Go with many blessings.
Be sure to look for the special Triforce map in each area you conquer.
Before you face the foul fiend, Gannon, you must conquer Fortress Centrum, where their treasure of death is hidden. Bring it to me. Be gone.
Choose a tool by moving the highlight and pressing a button.
Consider Lupe the most dangerous of Ganon's minions. With this Ruby, I replace your soul. You will obey. Oh.
Cool, huh?
Don't forget I can only open the pouch when I'm crouching.
Dyras came straight from the crater till I boarded the vent. Used a skull for a latch and not one direst. Figured it out.
Feel the fire of war.
Gee, it sure is boring around here my boy. This piece is what all true warriors strive for. I just wonder what ganons up to. Your Majesty, Ganon and his minions have seized the island of Corridoni....
Good thing I have my magic pouch. I can carry everything.
Help Ganon froze the fountain. I'm stuck.
Here have some water of life. My your thirsty ohh my goodness.
Hey, I think your game disc is dirty. Try ending the game and cleaning your disc.
Hey, let's go find Zelda.
Hey, wanna fight the forces of evil and koridai? Check it out, it's easy. You got this map. See.
Hey, Zelda, wake up. What? Link, you've saved me.
Hi Gordy, Masterlink for the main course.
How sweet. Oh, my husband gave me this. He's an abomination now. Here. It's not much, but it'll still carry water.
I am the reader. IPO. If you bring me the book of koridai, I will gladly read the secret verse.
I may be hideous, but after a year of being frozen, you will beg to join me.
I may be old and ugly, but I still know a few tricks.
I may be old and ugly, but I still know a few tricks. Bring some grapple berries. I'll show you a good one.
I spy with my eyes someone who must die.
I think your game disc must be dirty. Try ending the game and cleaning your disc.
I will not die. Ohh. Ohh.
I'd say your chances are a million to none, but let's have fun anyway.
Join me link, and I will make your face the greatest and corridoni, or else you will die.
Just move the Triforce to where you want to go.
Keep going, boy. You're doing real well. Once you get rid of Gannon, we can get back to fishing.
Lamp oil, rope bombs you wanted. It's yours, my friend, as long as you have enough rubies.
Listen, such is the power of the Prince of Darkness that he can kill with a single look. Attacks against Gannon will prove fruitless unless link attacks with the sacred book.
Look and see goroni. Wake up, sleepy bones. Bowing to the living and cut their miles from roads.
Look how Miller Tron makes his warriors worthless. Corillian, you must be hardened with fire. Go and kill.
Look what has happened in the darkest nightmare hour, when not moon nor sun has risen. I take Seldon in my power. I shall keep her in my prison.
Luckily, I brought my smart sword. It won't hurt anyone friendly. In fact, it makes them talk.
Lucky shot, golly.
Move it up and I jump or climb.
Move the controller down and I Crouch.
My hero.
My hero. Why don't you please jump across that little chasm and cut my daddy's chains? Pretty please. Have a heart.
No, not into the pit. It burns. What?
No, you must die.
Not many left link. There's drelick round the side of Glasgow High.
Now if we make a simple vacuum and spin the ice, just go. This.
Now press button 2.
Now you see me, now you don't.
Ohh my goodness this is awful.
Once I'm back, use the tool by pressing Button 2.
Please link, jump and cut these chains. The opacus are driving me crazy.
Press button one to slash with the sword.
Remember, tools can only be used when I'm standing up.
See how Harlequin captures Corinthians. News. Do you know what it means when you lose your last Ruby? Now you work for me. Take him away.
SFX Bomb and Power Glove
SFX Deflect
SFX Items and Rupees
SFX Sword Slash
Sorry link, I can't give credit. Come back when you're a little richer.
Stir the berries in the tub. Let the juices soak the glove. Let link fight and never cower. Or his gloves. A glove of power. Wow. Thanks.
Strike the maps to open new areas and continue your quest in coradi.
Thanks. Say you have a fire diamond, don't you? Sure the let me fix your sword. Let's see how it works. Wow.
The biggest crab I ever caught here. It's a Goma. You're pretty good here. Thanks.
The stars are made of ice, thus the night is cold. Bring the crystal from Ceragon and I will prove the light of ice penetrates more than fire.
The sword also picks up tools and rubies.
Then click button one and flash, I'm there.
This shield both soared and spear deflects, but cannot stop the violence curse. This crystal makes the shield reflect, cursing the cursor with twice the curse.
Through the eye of Gluco lies the shrine of Corridoni. I'm simply famished, no. It tastes like a diera. Perhaps just one more.
To buy something from the merchant shop, just strike it with the sword.
To enter a door, move in front of it like this.
To open the magic pouch, make me Crouch down, then press button 2.
Up and over makes me leap.
Use the controller to move me left or right.
When I'm crouching, you can make me do the duck walk.
When you get the power sword button one makes it shoot.
Where are you having, partner? I'm going to fight flexgo. Don't fight him, feed him. Something spicy, know what I mean?
Why'd you do that? I just saved you from Gannon. You did not. Well done, link. Gannon is once again imprisoned. Come look already Koridai is returning to harmony. The birds are singing. Isn't it be...
Yeah, it's mighty dark with all the evil about. Keep this Lantern full, it'll light your away. Thanks.
You can't kill me. No, no, no.
You're doing great, link. You are our hero. Here's a life heart we know you can beat, Gannon.
You're doing great, link. You are our hero. Here's some water of life drink link.
You're not afraid of Dragons, are you? Of course not.
You're not afraid of Dragons, are you? Of course not. Then get my necklace back from GLIAC. OK. Pretty please.