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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Kirby a
Kirby a2
Kirby a3
Kirby a4
Kirby atch
Kirby atch2
Kirby atchee
Kirby ayubu
Kirby bidibidi
Kirby bidibidi2
Kirby blblblbl
Kirby blblblbl2
Kirby blegh
Kirby booguh
Kirby bugiih
Kirby Confused Sound 1
Kirby Confused Sound 2
Kirby Confused Sound 3
Kirby Confused Sound 4
Kirby Confused Sound 5
Kirby Confused Sound 6
Kirby eee!
Kirby eeouou
Kirby eetchichi
Kirby eeteh
Kirby eeteh2
Kirby ehouu
Kirby eyouhh
Kirby eyouuuu
Kirby Giggle Hi
Kirby Hi 1
Kirby Hi 2
Kirby Hi 3
Kirby Hi 4
Kirby Hi 5
Kirby Hi 6
Kirby Hi 7
Kirby Hurt Sound 1
Kirby Hurt Sound 2
Kirby Hurt Sound 3
Kirby Hurt Sound 4
Kirby i
Kirby iitch
Kirby iititi
Kirby KeyOuOuu!
Kirby letche
Kirby Long Hi
Kirby mmgee
Kirby mmmghgh
Kirby mnah
Kirby Ngah
Kirby ohh
Kirby Ohh Ahh!
Kirby ooee
Kirby ooee2
Kirby oogaghgh
Kirby oogi
Kirby oogi2
Kirby oohi
Kirby ooi
Kirby oooiiiiiiiiiii
Kirby ooyeah!
Kirby ouee
Kirby ouehh
Kirby poooh
Kirby quietheehoo
Kirby Scream
Kirby Scream 2
Kirby Scream 3
Kirby Scream 4
Kirby uee
Kirby underwater
Kirby what