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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Black Heart Vengeance. Let's face it, Black Heart is the baddest blaster you never saw coming. The Magnum Dart at its highest art.
Broken Magma. From the seething furnace of the underworld it comes. The magma, like its Vulcan brethren, is here to bring the heat.
Bull Shark GL8 Everyone out of the water. This top secret grenade launcher has eight revolving launch tubes, each containing 2 fearsome Echidna shock grenades.
Can anyone beat Komodo at this challenge? Komodo wins.
Crusher SADG With a constant stream of massive ballistic balls at a rate of three balls per second, the demolition potential of this top secret blaster is off the charts.
Crystal Pistol stealth technology comes to the end. Strike forces The crystal pistol is clearly capable of blending in wherever your covert operations take you.
Firefly Elite plated in a phosphorescent photochemical emulsion. The Elite doesn't try to hide it is a vegan for all to come get some.
Firefly Rev 8 Ready to take on a mission in the dark, this sleek Nerf blaster shoots 3 GLOW darts every second, and with a load capacity of eight, this is a threat in any dark Passage.
Goliath and Nitro Based on the top secret Goliath in UB1 prototype, the Nitro has a hot rod paint job that would be the envy of the drag strip. Superior top end power in a sweet ride.
Goliath and UB One. This top secret blaster is the true definition of N Strike power with a dark the size of a Rottweiler. 1 satisfying. Pull of the trigger and you will be hooked. I guarantee it.
Habanero custom counterpart to the Recon CS6 Habanero is truly revolutionary. This red menace burns all the way down.
Hydra SG-7 This is a top secret blaster, a true 7 headed monster. It hurdles a spray of 7 Magnum caliber darts on every pull of the trigger.
Jackal wins.
Jackal wins. Did you see the way he handled that blaster? Jackal wins.
Komodo is victorious.
Longshot CS6 The largest and most accurate NERF blaster you can get your well drained hands on. It can hold up to six shots between loads, fire it two darts per second, and boasts an impressive sni...
Longshot Street With an emphasis on sniper concealment in urban environments, the long shot straight brings all the precision of its blue brother with twice the noise.
Maverick Midnight The classic Revolver comes back decked in the color of courage. This six shooters draw is so easy you'll be blasting until the dawn's early light.
Maverick Rev 6 This quick, light revolver is packed with power. With a load capacity of six shots and a firing rate of two darts per second, this nerve blaster really is an all around favorite of t...
Mercurio, the great minds at the end Strike Labs have outdone themselves plating the top secret redshift rifle in pure, gleaming Chrome. Mercurio is sharp shooting and sharp looking.
Mini metachamber s
Raider CS6 This 09 N Strike blaster is as cool as they come. Firing at 2.2 darts per second and boasting a load capacity of 6 rounds, this sleek looking blaster is a jewel in any end Strikers colle...
Raven wins.
Recon CS6 As fun to build as it is to blast six shots and lightning fast rate of fire of 1.5 darts per second are complemented by a Red dot light beam upgrade.
Redshift CS12A top secret blaster fires magnum darts accurately over incredible distances. The magnification scope adds plenty of control for those extra long shots.
Semper Fire RF200 with a belt capacity of 200 Magnum darts, issuing 4th at a blistering 16.7 darts per second, this top secret blaster is the fastest in the N Strike arsenal.
SEMPER Fire Ultra Based on the top secret Semper Fire RF200 model. Powered by AV twin power plant with enlarged Chrome exhaust ports for high output, the Ultra is truly the ultimate blast.
Shane wins.
Spartan and ZS 12 The name alone could strike fear. A huge load capacity of 12 rounds and a blazing fast triple burst mode capable of delivering over 9 darts per second make this blaster the envy o...
Stampede RE V12 This 09 N Strike blaster is twice the fun. With its twin 8 inch barrels, a load capacity of 12 darts, and a rain of fire of five darts per second, this piece of hardware is welcome ...
Tango takes it.
Tango wins. Can anyone beat Tango?
The challenge is over. Shane wins.
There are darts stuck everywhere. Raven wins the challenge.
Titan ASV A masterful work of art firing a Nerf missile every second. This bad boy might take a while to load, but the resulting punch is worth the wait.
Vengeance Rev 8. This is a power pant top secret firecracker. It spits out 2.7 magnum darts per second.
Vulcan Ebf 25 Feed this hungry beast with 25 round belts which slurps up almost 7 darts per second. Feel the power of this fully automatic masterpiece.