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A flawless victory.
About 10:00 AM.
Agreed. Begin.
Aha, the weak spot.
All we need to do is alter the future.
Almost there. Don't lose focus.
Ancient spirit of ice to me.
As if returning to your former glory. Dumb, dumb.
Barely a victory at all.
Behold my power.
Bravo. Oh bravo.
But to be honest, Ryan.
But we cannot be reckless.
Charlotte, stay with us.
Choke You cannot fall here.
Chunk you're next.
Come on your feet.
Come, now is the time to shine.
Compose yourself.
Dark element.
Defence is the best policy.
Display no mercy.
Do not fret. I am with you.
Do not hesitate, Shock.
Dumb ban. This is not like you.
Dumb band. Finish it.
Elemental burst.
Elemental Shoot.
Even when victory seems impossible, we March on.
Everyone prepare for a chain attack.
Excellent shock.
Father, I have become stronger.
Feel darkness blacker than midnight.
Fiora no.
Fiora, can you handle it?
Fiora, can you help?
Fiora, your turn.
Flare impulse.
Focus your.
Follow my lead.
Foolhardy and reckless as usual, Ryan.
Forward Ryan.
Freeze Ice Wave.
Good footwork.
Good. Just as I envisioned.
Happy here upon.
He's so cuddly I could almost cuddle him to death.
Helping each other is our greatest strength.
Hey, Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, may I stroke your fur please?
Hmm. Adequate.
I admire your courage. Shock.
I agree.
I am prepared.
I am with you, Ricky.
I cannot abide such a dark fate.
I cannot thank you enough.
I feel excited too, Ricky.
I feel it. Dumb Ben.
I feel the ether building within me.
I have been blessed with good friends. Thank you Shulk.
I hear your words.
I see life outside my world is not easy.
I see no problem here.
I see your strength is the genuine article.
I shall focus all my ether energy.
I will give it my all, no matter the enemy.
I'd expect no less from you.
I'm looking forward to the results.
I'm not so partial to these.
I'm satisfied with these results.
I'm sorry.
I'm speechless.
If this continues, we are in grave peril.
Indeed, I concur.
Indeed, Sharla, this pleases me.
Indeed, we ought to build a monument to mark such a rare occurrence.
Inspiring. I shall do my best too.
Is that all the backbone you have?
It is safe to say we have been successful.
It is up to you dumb ban.
Let us end this in one go, Charlotte.
Let us exhibit our strength, Shulk.
Let us keep up this flow.
Let us move in for the kill.
Let us witness the might of the hereupon.
May your aim be true, Shar.
Most impressive.
My concentration wanes.
My head spins quite fiercely.
My strength is fading.
My thanks.
Next time you will succeed.
No, I am fine.
Now healing Aqua.
Now is the time to fight with all your might.
Now is the time to unleash a chain attack.
Now Starlight kick. Ouch.
Now you shall witness all power.
Now, Ricky.
Power effect.
Prepare yourself. Mind blast.
Prepare yourselves.
Quite. I'm afraid you have much to learn about the fairest sex shock.
Raging Squall.
Razor wind.
Remember why we fight Fiora?
Return to chaos.
Ricky, do something.
Ricky, get up please.
Roaring Thunder.
Ryan charge.
Ryan, consign the enemy to oblivion.
Ryan, get a hold of yourself.
Ryan, however, I'm not so sure about.
Ryan, this may be somewhat troublesome.
Ryan, where is your fighting spirit?
SA cuddle.
Shadow Stitch.
Sharla, beautiful shot.
Shield and protect us from harm.
Shook it can't be.
So this is the legendary Menardo.
Sometimes these things happen.
Sorry to bother you. I am fine now.
Spare break。
Star fearing flames of absolution.
Stay focused.
Summon Earth.
Summon Ice.
Summon wind.
Surely this is folly?
Surging torrent strike off those.
Take my hand.
Take that.
Thank you.
That one, such as dumbbell could fall so easily.
That sent shivers down my spine.
That's right.
The darkness of sleep embraces you.
The Easter is flowing through me.
The future can be changed.
The head. Shoot him in the head.
The next one will hit.
The Return of the Great Hero Dumb ban.
Then let us finish this right now.
There's more to come.
They are without number.
This battle may be tough. Be on your guard.
This is going rather well.
This pleases me.
This represents no problem whatsoever.
This sensation, it is truly amazing, Charlotte.
This should be good.
This should do for the moment.
Understood. Dumb ban.
Vertical bolt.
Very well.
Wake up.
Was that a little too much?
Was that the handiwork of Ryan?
Water, the source of all life.
We are far from finished here.
We are victorious.
We are victorious.
We must not let ourselves be cowed.
We must nurture this unity.
We need you.
We require your medical skills, Charlotte.
Well evaded.
Were we too reckless?
What are you doing?
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, apparently.
What? Don't you dare give up?
Witness my power.
Yes, I feel it too. Shock.
You always keep me calm, Ricky.
You must suffer more.
You saw another vision.
You still have much to do.
Your actions impress me for your.
Your future is no more.
Your reputation is deserved, Dunban.
Your skill is captivating.
Your words ring true.