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Affirmative. That's a hit.
Alert covenants have breached the base.
All non combat personnel report to self hangar for immediate evac.
All units alpha through echo. Prepare for enemy contacts.
Also, I'm registering a power surge from the target vessel.
Any birds less than 5 minutes out, bring them in.
Anyone in the barracks? I need a sitrep now.
Atmospheric disturbance is intensifying above the artifact, Admiral.
But she should be somewhere above your current location.
But this is a heavyweight fight.
Chief clear and elzie then get inside the tower.
Chief Spark has found a way into the citadel.
Chief, I'm giving the brutes all I've got.
Chief, make your way to the crash site.
Chief, take that tower offline.
Chief, the elites are looking for something.
Chief, the Prophet of Truth has found the ark.
Combat teams hold positions await further orders.
Don's only got the tonnage to last a few rounds.
Emergency generators now.
Fire pods one through 12 Archers away.
Follow her signal, chief. She's got to be close.
Get those people on board, Sergeant major, fast as you can.
Good work, chief. That's one.
Hard to get a fix on Cortana's transponder.
Hate to say it, chief, but truth must really want you dead.
Hold position, I'm on my way.
I'm sending in a few Pelicans.
I've got something special for you.
I've got to get these men out of here.
It's an old fuel air bomb.
Johnson soon as the evacuation is complete, start the timer.
Keep going, just a few more clicks to void.
Let the elites handle the cruisers.
Make your way back to the beach.
Master Chief, finally a good connection.
New contacts at .238.
No N hangar, we're short in that sector.
Nothing else matters.
Say again, Recon. You're breaking up.
Sound off.
Terrestrial casualties from the subsequent bombardment were extreme.
Thanks, chief. Wouldn't have lasted much longer up there.
The covenants have breached the base.
The floods just going to put pressure on him, accelerate his plans.
The Prophet of Truth ships breached the lunar perimeter smashed what was left of the Home fleet.
The Shipmasters carrier is out of Commission chief.
This isn't over yet, Marines.
We didn't believe them when they told us.
You're right.