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Kazekage Rescue - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 - Narutimate Accel 3 - Master Road ~ Hidden Leaf Shippuden (English) (PSP)

Kazekage Rescue - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 - Narutimate Accel 3 - Master Road ~ Hidden Leaf Shippuden (English) (PSP)

Master Road ~ Hidden Leaf Shippuden (English) sounds from the PSP game Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 / Narutimate Accel 3.

A ceiling jutsu strong enough to counterbalance the tailed Beast's power. And a lot of time.
A tailed beast is a powerful spirit, such as the Shukaku and the Nine Tails.
A very deadly poison. She's good as dead granny.
A worthy adversary, I'd expect no less from a clone of me.
After all, no matter where they go, Jinchuriki are treated with scorn in every village.
Ah, getting serious now, eh?
All right, team guy. Onward with the power of youth.
All right, then how are the tailed beasts extracted?
An artist must seek ever greater stimulation, lest his senses go dull on him, my man.
And gratitude for such an entertaining fight. I'll reveal my true power.
And this Gara is a rare one too.
Are known as Gin choriqui.
At this rate, Lee and the other should do just fine.
Be my guest.
Because she sent a sakura. We better.
But he has a bond with Gara. They're both Churki.
But perhaps what I did was wrong.
But Sakura, you.
But some have tried to harness that great power for their own purposes.
But you can't forsake one of your own, can you? You feel connected to this pathetic creature.
By sealing the beasts away inside of people.
Careful, Sakura. The real fight is about to begin.
Don't be so hard on yourself. If you've done wrong, now's your chance to make it right.
Don't make me laugh.
Don't strain yourself, Lady Chio. You must be exhausted after that last fight.
Don't you get it, Naruto, I'm concerned about.
Don't you think so, granny chio?
Easier said than done.
Easy, Naruto. I'll handle this.
Even with your medical ninjutsu, she won't last more than a few seconds.
Fine, but please watch over Lady Chio.
Five tags marked with the word forbidden are fastened around the area that's being guarded.
Found them.
Get back here.
Get back here.
Ghara died when the one tail was extracted from him. Very soon now the same thing will happen to you.
Go to the Tenchi Bridge in the Village Hidden in the Grass.
Good luck to you.
Guess I bit off more than I could chew with a second in Tudeki.
Guess it finally kicked in.
Had a girl.
Hand over God.
He was hiding inside of that Hiroko puppet the whole time.
He's among those who attacked the Kazakh. I feel it's my duty to set him straight.
He's coming for a Sakura. We need to work together.
He's got the advantage, Lady Chios. Almost completely worn out.
He's right. If we don't hurry, he'll be lost forever.
Hitachi said. The one who bursts in and starts barking.
How ridiculous. It really is. A joke?
How should I handle this?
I couldn't stop him if I tried.
I created the technique for you. So hurt by the loss of your parents, you became a puppet.
I don't think so 'cause you're about to get a beat down.
I doubt you want to hear this, but I'll say it anyway.
I give you my word.
I had no idea he'd last this long. Very impressive.
I hate to spoil the party, but we'll have to play another day.
I knew that the only way the Sand Village was to be protected was if I did it myself.
I know there's something I can do.
I promise I'll save Gara.
I see.
I think I'll take care of the Gin Jude.
I thought I was helping my village, but in fact I jeopardized its very existence.
I thought you were all sullen loners who didn't care about anyone else.
I was rather fond of Hiduko, but my true form is much more appropriate for the occasion.
I will destroy you.
I wonder how long it's been since I fought in this form.
I'd take him on my own if I could, but trust me, Hitachi is too strong even for me.
I'm conducting my own life force into her body. A reanimation Ninjutsu.
I'm fine.
I'm low on detonating clay and chakra. Better wrap this up while I can.
I'm much more capable than you might think I am, grandson.
I'm not telling you to sit back and watch. I'll need your help.
I'm speechless.
If Neji's right, there should be A tag just over this hill.
Interesting, Even after the barrier is broken, they rigged a trap to keep intruders at Bay.
Is it over?
It must have been a clone.
It was my jute. So that sealed the Shukaku in Yangara.
It's a 5 seal barrier.
It's got to be in the area.
It's no use. The poison has already spread through her entire body.
It's not that he has any special feelings for the hidden sand or its people.
It's time to put an end to your evil deeds.
It's worse than I thought. The extraction of the tailed beast has already begun.
Just try and catch me.
Kakashi, why is that boy pushing himself so hard to save Gara? He's not even from his own village.
Kakashi. Naruto. It's been a while.
Lady Chio, Is something the matter?
Late as usual, Kakashi.
Leave the tags to us, Kakashi. We'll get them out of the way. Lickety split.
Let's get to it then.
Let's go get it.
Looks like a barrier. The Akatsuki must have put it up.
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Maybe it's in a little further.
Maybe, but what I'm doing to the girl isn't medical ninjutsu.
Naruto and I will handle the one outside. Sakura. Lady Chio, you stay here and deal with him.
Naruto knows how Gaura feels better than anyone in the sand ever could.
Naruto, not so fast. Wait up.
Naruto's Jin Churiki. He has the 9 tailed fox sealed within him.
Never seen a gin Judy Key that people actually cared about.
Nicely done, Guy. Thanks to you, we're all clear.
Nine tails.
No problem. Time for the real deal to show this cheap knockoff who's boss.
No time for games, just do your job and be quick about it.
No way.
No, dear. None of them even came close.
No, I can defeat him.
No, they've taken the Kazekage.
No, you poisoned her.
Not a total.
Now that he cast it aside, what's next?
Now that you've seen me like this, you both have to die.
Now then, which one of you would be the Gin Churiki?
Oh, you've heard of him?
OK, let's get moving, people.
Once the tailed beast is extracted. They die.
One of Orochimaru's men who was actually a spy working for me.
Onto the land of rivers.
Our quota is 1 apiece. Don't push your luck de da.
Pretty big words for an old hag.
Reanimation Ninjutsu, huh?
Right, I think I can help.
Rumor has it the Nine Tails Gin Churiki is pretty powerful. Hmm.
Sakura shattered that boulder with one punch.
Sakura, don't be afraid, I'm right here.
See you around, my man.
Should be right around here.
Silly little girl. As a reward for defeating me, how about I let you in on a little secret?
So I'll be taking the Kaze Kage.
So to break the barrier, we'll need to remove this tag in front of us and four more located elsewhere.
Sorry to skip the pleasantries, but how do we get rid of this barrier?
Sounds good to me, but we got to get out there and find Cara.
Suck a.
Sure is. Guy and his team might be up ahead.
Tailed Beast? Gin Churiki. What are you talking about?
Tell me where he is.
That must be him, then. Looks like a lively one. Hmm.
That ought to do it.
That was close. We need to meet up with Sakura and team Guy.
That's a good idea. You must run. I'll keep sassery busy.
That's him.
That's nonsense.
That's right, my grandchild.
That's the real sorcery.
That's why he feels this desperate need to save Gara.
The beasts are huge concentrations of chakra. Nations fought wars competing for control of them.
The only way to do this is in a rational manner. Is that clear?
The real sorcery, I can tell just by looking at him. He's at a totally different level.
The rest is up to your team, Kakashi.
The unbending spirit of Lady Tsunati has been drilled into me.
Then our first plan of action is removing it.
They may even be trying to create a new Jinchuriki.
This is the rendezvous point.
Those who have the beasts sealed within them, such as our own villages, Gara.
To buy some time perhaps.
Using this jutsu, life can be breathed into anyone. Even puppets.
Wait, this sorcery of the red sand is your.
Water he touch you, Chia.
We can't get too hasty, Naruto.
We did it, Lady Gio.
We won't know until we try, now will we?
We'll deal with him later, Naruto.
We're getting there.
Well done. You're quite nimble, aren't you? Fine, I'll throw you a bone.
Well, we ran into a little trouble on the way.
Well, we'd best get to the land of rivers.
What a disappointment. I was going to kill Orochimaru after this.
What can an old has been possibly do to someone like me?
What do you say we get the show on the road, sensei?
What is this?
What? But you can't?
What's happening?
What's that?
Which means I have to do something.
Why did I get stuck with them?
Why? What's there?
Yes, dear.
Yes, Sorcery of the Red Sand, a former sand ninja now working with the Akatsuki.
You don't mean.
You said you wanted to know about orochimato, isn't that right?
You scumbags couldn't stop with me. You had to get Cara too. You're going to pay for that?