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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
All in wrist
All over everywhere
Big ears grandma
Blah blah
Both barrels
Bring it larry
Bring it on baby
Can o whoopass
Cant we be friends
Cant we get along1
Cant we get along2
Check this out tex
Cheese wheel
Come get some
Come to papa
Damn i feel good
Die like sega
Dip n roll me
Down down
Duck n cover
Eyes on skies
Feel the burn
First step
Foot up your ass
Freight train
Get down
Gotta be shoes
Grab hold1
Grab hold2
Hate when that happens1
Hate when that happens2
Heat em up
Here we go chief
Hero time
Hey monkey boy
Hey nitwit
Hit something or not
Hit the deck
Hold me
Honey im home
Hose em down
I feel pretty
Ill give it
Im outta here
Into the soup
Jack hole
Jump in junior
Kill em all
Kiss my butt
Know you're new
Last steps doozy
Lets go1
Lets go2
Lock n load
More lead in diet
Move it
Nice cones1
Nice cones2
Nice polygons
No bad idea
Not paid enough
Now we dance
Oh no
Oh poop
Oh shit
Oh yeah
Over here
Over here boost
Pick it up
Pick it up cowboy
Pickin daisies
Pull trigger faster
Rock this party
See you in hell
Shit fire
Shoot em
Shut piehole1
Shut piehole2
Smell of humanity
Smell the humanity
Strap one on
Suck on this
Survey says
Tag you're it
That felt great
Thats entertainment
Thats gotta hurt
This is bad
This is very bad
Trick or treat
Want some
We havin fun yet
Wham bam
What a mess
Whats the matter
Yada yada
You suck
You want it
You want some
You want some too