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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Base cm airmove lp
Base cm dsh
Base cm equip
Base cm fbdial
Base cm jmp
Base cm kamae
Base cm naosi
Base cm nukih
Base cm pic
Base cm piyo lp
Base cm pth
Base cm remequip
Base cm swdh
Base cm swi nukl
Base cm swi swdl
Base cm tame
Base cm tame lp
Base cm turn2ash
Base grd nuk
Base grd swd
Base hit back2
Base hit backbrk
Base hit bom
Base hit counter
Base hit nuk h
Base hit nukl
Base hit sousai
Base hit swd h
Base hit swd l
Base om hitfailure
Base oth breakshot
Base oth bsready
Base oth iconreload
Base oth spmove
Base sx gr2 lp
Base sx gr2off
Base sx gr2on
Base sx spcutin
End se a1a elthor
End se a2a hiken
End se d1a 6oganefx
End se mh5gas lp
End se monsyou
End se s1a aura
End se s1a bullet
End se s1a furi
End se s1a kime
End se s1a tyakudan
End se s1a tyakuti
End se x1a gdbakuhatu
End se x1a ickoware
End se x1a makebrocks
End se x1a mh5hit
End se x1a mh5launch
F00 atm fire1 lp
F01 atm cave lp
F02 atm ibara lp
F02 atm mountain lp
F02 atm underwater lp
F02 om fcgclose
F02 om fcgopen
F02 om utubicha
F02 om utusibomu
F02 om vinebrk
F03 atm bird lp
F03 atm ogawa lp
F03 atm wfalls1 lp
F03 atm wfalls2 lp
F03 atm wfalls3 lp
F03 om fwall lp
F03 om kareha
F03 om tlptin
F03 om tlptout
F03 om tpolemoving
F03 zmd vc1
F03 zmd vc2
F04 atm lava lp
F04 atm nagare lp
F04 atm steam lp
F04 atm twdf00 lp
F04 atm twdf01 lp
F04 atm twdf02 lp
F04 atm twdf03 lp
F04 atm twdf05 lp
F04 atm twdf06 lp
F04 om iwazun
F04 om kuzure
F04 om lavabullet
F04 om magmafall
F06 atm donyori lp
F06 atm mizufukidasi lp
F06 atm tyoujyou lp
F06 atm wfalllight lp
F06 atm wfallmid lp
F06 om circle lp
F06 om kaminari
F06 om tyoujyou lp copy1
Fbs asi big krh1
Fbs asi big krh2
Fbs asi big krh3
Fbs asi big krh4
Fbs asi big wdc2
Fbs asi big wdc3
Fbs asi big wdc4
Fbs asi big wtt1
Fbs asi big wtt2
Fbs asi big wtt3
Fbs asi big wtt4
Fbs asi bot krh1
Fbs asi bot krh2
Fbs asi bot krh3
Fbs asi bot krh4
Fbs asi bot wdc1
Fbs asi bot wdc2
Fbs asi cho krh1
Fbs asi cho krh2
Fbs asi cho krh3
Fbs asi cho krh4
Fbs asi cho wdc1
Fbs asi cho wdc3
Fbs asi han wtt1
Fbs asi han wtt2
Fbs asi han wtt3
Fbs asi han wtt4
Fbs asi hel krh1
Fbs asi hel krh2
Fbs asi hel krh3
Fbs asi hel krh4
Fbs asi hel wdc1
Fbs asi hel wdc3
Fbs asi hel wdc4
Fbs asi mid krh1
Fbs asi mid krh2
Fbs asi mid krh3
Fbs asi mid krh4
Fbs asi mid wdc1
Fbs asi mid wdc3
Fbs asi mid wtt1
Fbs asi mid wtt2
Fbs asi mid wtt3
Fbs asi mid wtt4
Fbs asi slp krh1
Fbs asi slp krh2
Fbs asi slp krh3
Fbs asi slp krh4
Fbs asi slp wdc1
Fbs asi slp wdc4
Fbs cm biglnd krh
Fbs cm biglnd wtt
Fbs cm lnd krh
Fbs cm lnd wtt
Fbs cm midlnd krh
Fbs cm midlnd wdc
Fbs cm midlnd wtt
Fbs om bossorb lp
Fbs om brk grs
Fbs om eleshock
Fbs om fcgclose
Fbs om fcgopen
Fbs om fire
Fbs om freeze
Fbs om poison
Fbs om rnk grs
Fbs om rnk stn
Fbs om rnk wod
Fbs om rsd stn
Fbs om rsd wod
Fbs om wav grs
Fbs om wav lef
Fbs om zokuseimiss
Fbs om zzz
Las se a1a furi
Las se a2a furi
Las se a2a yukahit
Las se a3a tamaefx lp
Las se a3a tamahanati
Las se a3a tame
Las se s1a flying
Las se s1a jimenbakuha
Las se s1a jimenhit
Las se s1a kime
Las se s1a rakurai
Las se s1a sprit
Las se x1a furi
Las se x1a jimenhit
Las se x1a wave
Sys csl equipmnu a
Sys csl equipmnu b
Sys csl movmen
Sys csl scelon
Sys csl sel2
Sys csl sel3
Sys om nikkiopen
Sys oth info a
Sys oth info b
Sys oth itemget
Sys oth mojiokuri
Sys oth nextpage
Sys oth orblvup
Sys oth regainfx
Zb0 se down
Zb0 warpout
Zb0 zba a1a furi
Zb0 zbb a1a raunch
Zb0 zbb a1a tame
Zb0 zbb x1a furi
Zb0 zbc a1a don
Zb0 zbc x1a jimenhit
Zb0 zbd a1a hop
Zb0 zbd a1a roll lp
Zb1 se down
Zb1 warpout
Zb1 zbe a1a furi
Zb1 zbe a1a furitame
Zb1 zbe s1a renketu
Zb1 zbe s1a run lp
Zb1 zbe x1a furi
Zb1 zbf a1a ctrap
Zb1 zbf a1a nerineri
Zb1 zbf s1a bbz
Zb1 zbf s1a bbztame
Zb1 zbf x1a fpdfire
Zb1 zbg a1a furi
Zb1 zbg s1a snipe
Zb1 zbg s1a tame
Zb1 zbg x1a iga