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All that time and effort, and the best the forerunners could do, was put these foul creatures on ice.
And now where are these gods? The prophets would have us worship.
Ask the Oracle about Halo, how they would sacrifice us all for nothing.
But I will make them see.
But where are the weapons arbiter? What was the result?
But you will be consumed.
Come arbiter, let me show you where they went.
Deal with him, my brothers.
Get in line.
How did the prophets buy your loyalty arbiter?
I will defend the Oracle.
I wondered who the prophets would send to silence me. And arbiter. I'm flattered.
I would rather die by your hand than let the prophets lead me to slaughter.
Look around you, arbiter.
Or was it the promise they're great journey?
Our prophets are false. Open your eyes, my brothers. They will use the faith of our forefathers to bring ruin to us all the great journey.
The elites are blind arbiter.
There the assassin.
This facility and dozens like it, devoted to the study of a parasite.
This will save me from the storm.
Transcended ha ha ha ha ha hardly.
With the new command a new fleet.