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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Come on, fellas.
Come on, let's head over to the toy store.
Come on, sora. Let's go see the tower.
Don't forget to mail that off.
Don't give up.
Don't let what Marluxia said bother you, Sora.
Don't think we should use the fancy moves here.
Fits into the frying pan and over the fire.
Flynn might have already made it to the tower.
George, I hope they got insurance.
George, I won't forget this place anytime soon.
Go sora.
Gorge. It looks like some kind of trail.
Gorge. Well, I'm kind of worried about our new friends.
Gorsh, we've never seen this kind before.
Ham said Rex was in the video game section.
Here goes.
Hey Sora, I think the trampoline will take us back to Andy's room.
Hey Sora, maybe the trick is to line up those tubs above us.
Hey Sora, this looks like a good place for one of your swan dives.
Hey, is that a Plaza up at the end of the street?
Hey, OHP.
Hey, there's some over there.
Hey, you sound funny, gorsh. So do I.
How about we check out what's down there?
How about we stop for a second and enjoy the scenery?
How's this goofy enough for you?
Hurry, sora.
Hurry, sora. This is no time to dawdle.
I bet we'll find some ingredients around here.
I bet you there's a lucky emblem here.
I hope Rapunzel's OK.
I know it's pretty here, but don't let your guard down.
I know what to do, Sora.
I think Rapunzels found something.
I wonder where booze door flew off too.
If anyone's in danger, we gotta help them.
Is it just me or are the heartless multiplying?
Just imagine the yummy stuff. Little shuffle whip up with beers.
Last one to slide to the bottoms. A rotten egg.
Let's send this off next time we're in Twilight Town.
Liam, where are you?
Look, there's a dial in the floor.
Looks like we can climb that rock face now that the waterfalls gone.
Maybe we can use the parts here to avoid the lasers.
Maybe you can use that rubble like stepping stones.
My Shields ready.
Nice moves, yo.
Nice picture, sora.
No, I found the good one.
Not all.
Now, who's next?
Oh, I see a machine up there in the cage, past the stairs.
Oh, I'll help you find the next one.
Oh, oh.
Ohh sora.
Ohh, I'd bet that's a great one.
OK, hop on, fellas.
Old boy, let's see if there's more.
Play over here.
Randle sure does have us trapped.
Rapunzel and Eugene will be just fine as long as they got each other.
Rapunzel must be pretty excited if this is really her first time outside the tower.
Save this looks like a way in.
Say, how about we explore the town?
She can't take anymore of this.
So where do you think Flynn went?
Sora the tower.
Sora, we better be ready for anything.
Sora, we don't have time for side trips.
Sora, we're gonna need water to put the fire out.
Sora. I thought we were gonna check out the town.
Stuff you make with a forge, I suppose.
Sure hope the woods here aren't haunted.
Take aim.
That's OK. See, we've got a better way up now.
The crane might come in handy if we need to get back up.
There must be a reason Rapunzel didn't tell her mother where she was going.
Wanna go sora?
We need to get to the top of the mountain and stop Hades.
We should work together and find booze door.
We'll have to climb up, but what will we use for footholds?
We'll need more than that.
We're almost there.
We've got company.
We've got until nightfall to go exploring.
Well, at least we can get through now.
Well, I bet you could bust this open if you hit it hard enough from above.
Well, I think Flynn and Maximus are warming up to each other.
Well, I think I see something.
Well, I think they're having a festival.
Well, I'm ready.
Well, I'm starting to get hungry.
Well, you sure am looking forward to seeing those lanterns by the castle.
Where to captain Sora?
Who won?
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Ohh.
Wonder who put a tower here?
Woo Hoo.
Work out.
Wow. And the crowd goes wild.
Wow. Wow. Wow.
Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.
Wrong way sora.
Yeah, Boo.
Yeah, it's some kind of sandstorm.
Yeah, we'd better find Rapunzel before he does.
Yeah, well, it's way more cheerful out here.
Yeah. How?
Yep, and it's our way up to the dark corridor.
You don't suppose we might be lost, do you?
You think there's a way to hit it from far away?
You're gonna take a picture of me? Okie dokie?
Zanorte has to be somewhere in town.