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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Alex special tumble A
Alex special whoomph B
AlexSpecialWeapon Launch R
Banana Peel Launch A V001
Banana PeeL run over A V00
Bees flying 1 A001
Bees stinging 1 A001
BOB eyeball effect A
Bob eyethrow launch A
Boost pad new A
Chimps persuasion launch A
Chimps persuasion loop A
Coconut Launch A V001
Coconut strike kart A
Collision Kart Kart A
Collision Kart Kart B
Count mangos loop
Crate Disengage C
Crate Sheild B
Crate sheild pickup late r
Disco ball grab B
Disco ball lose B
Disco fever start A
Disco score1 A
Disco score2 A
Disco score3 A
Disco score4 A
Disco score5 A
Failure B
Fast lap A V001
Final lap 1 A V001
Flare active 1 A001
Flare launch 1 A001
Gloria butt bounce A
Gloria wave hit A
Hi revs
Highest revs
Horn of maurice shortblast
Horn of maurice shortblast
Horn of maurice shortblast
Hour glass break B
JulienSpecial MoveItMoveIt
Kart crash grass A
Kart crash grass B
Kart crash grass C
Kart crash rocks A
Kart crash rocks B
Kart crash trees A
Kart enter water A
Kart exit water A
Kart fall long A
Kart in water loop A
Kart respawn A
Lap record 1 A V001
Low revs
Mango pickup with reward A
Melman launch b
Melman special impact B
Mid hi revs
Mid lo revs
Moneky Bomb Launch A V001
Monkey bomb explode A V001
Monkey Bomb ticking A V001
Penguin mission invisible
Penguin mission invisible stea
Race completed 1st A
Race completed not 1st A
Shrek swampgas B
Shrek swampgas hit A
Slide on grass A
Slide on gravel A
Slide on metal A
Spider launch 1 A001
Spider web contact 1 A001
Spider web travel 1 A001
Spin hit A
Start race horn 1 A 001 (4
Start race horn 2 A 001 (4
Start race horn 3 A 001 (4
Start Race Move It! only
Stunt wind A
Turbo exhausted A
Turbo loop A
Turbo turn on A
Whistling wind A
1 note reward
2 second countdown A V001
3 note reward
4 note reward new A