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Created by sandbar 330 1,553
Frisky Jamaican Scammers

Frisky Jamaican Scammers

Sandbar's clips of Jamaican criminal scammers who impersonate sweepstakes companies such as Publishers Clearing House to steal from innocent people. Sometimes, these scammers turn the script and get a little romantic. This soundboard is intended to be used AGAINST CRIMINAL SCAMMERS ONLY. It should never be used for any other purpose.

NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
1. Hi, Its me
2. Yes, It's me
5. The Lord's Prayer
5a.. You want me to pray
9. I love you and care for you
9. I love you care for you don't want nothing to happen
9. I love you dont want nothing happen to you
9. Yes sweetheart
9a. Follow me so I can make you feel nice
9a. You're my type
9c. Go in room take off panties
9c. Do you have on pretty clothes?
9c. Do you have on pretty panties?
9c. Finger in out
9c. I like black. Black is my favorite color
9c. Take off panties use finger
9c. Take off pants put on dress
9c. Take off your clothes panties
9c. You have on pretty panty haha
9d. I fall in love with your voice
9e. I gonna make you have fun tonight
9i. Tomorrow we can be together
9j. Want to be my fiance
9k. Want to squeeze you
9l. Want to squeeze you sweetheart
9m. When the last time you have sex
9m. You think you want to have it now or not
You married, have a husband