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1. History of the Enemy
2. A Grand Return
3. Knuckles from K.N.U.C.K.L.E.S. & Knuckles Knuckles in Knuckles the Echidna feat. Knuckles from the Knuckles the Echidna Series [Knuckles of the Year Edition] & Knuckles (Full Version & Knuckles)
4. Dedede Fusion Collab
5. Pikmin Park
7. Grand Dad Metropolis
8. Natural Brother Killer Cyborg
9. The Route Sandstorm
10. Childish Gambino, Drake and Waka Flocka Flame watch as Ashley suplexes a train with Flandre inside screaming during a µ's concert but suddenly Chip the Ripper shows up so it's all good
11. BRE@TH LESS [B W] ver.
12. Reunited With Memes
13. Must Get Out (R S Arrangement)
14. The First Song Ever Uploaded On The Channel
15. The Coconut Gun Rap
16. The Hill Top Zone Official Sex Offender Registry
17. Turn Down for the Boutique
18. Grand Friends
19. Uncontrollable Planet
20. Marx's Dad
21. MemeMania Sickness eXtreme
22. Regranded Halation
23. And Bury Me Underground Afterwards, Baby
24. Bad Hexagon
25. Cory Is (Not) in the House
26. Bedrock Shanty 2
27. Moves Like Yacker (DS Version)
28. Spider Booty
29. Meme Harder!
30. Grand Blue
31. Etika livestreams his reaction to a high quality Pokemon rip
32. geeettttttt dunked on!!!
33. Throwback Funk (Clean)
34. Frintstones (laughs)
35. His Hell
36. Mario Paint exe 2
37. Questioning of the Cereal Killer
38. Entertaining Your Mom
39. Final Boss Bossa Nova
40. Grand Bad
41. Five Nights at Zomboy's
42. Totally the Theme of Friends
43. I Can't Believe My Daydreaming Cat Is Never Gonna Give Up Her Way!!!
44. Maymay Valley ~ Water
45. Cartman's reaction after being told that Butters made him a pimp in his playground kissing company
46. Black Power
47. VectorJoe
49. Fresh Prince of Aleero City
50. The SiIvaGunner Halloween Special
51. Teaching the Dougie at the Star Festival
52. Fotograph by Miickleback
53. Giga Bowser Gon' Give It To Ya
54. Before my channel is dead
55. Ever Grand City
56. µ's Castle Bridge
57. Magnus Von Gascar
58. Milky Freedom
59. chinese chinese chinese
60. The Other Grand Dad
61. We Will Rayman
62. Fire In The Booth C.B. (aka Count Bleck)
63. G Minor Meme Circus
64. Gambino Madness
65. You Hear The Crawling
66. Battle! Dadoxys
67. Come On! Mario & Luigi The Thousand Year Saga
68. Biggie Smalls The Grand Dad Engine
69. Ghost Trick Ace Attorney
70. The Battle of Power PSYger
71. Space Slam Jam Shuffle
72. Friends
74. Quartz Quadrant Present JP [FM Arrange]
75. Twoson Love Theme
76. Mario In The Middle
77. End of All ~ Slam ~ Style ~ Skrill
78. Sylvalum Night except with a sick guitar riff in the middle of it
79. Jimmy's Aesthetics
80. Will's bad fur day
81. Thunder, Rain, and Lightning
82. Harder to Grand Dad
83. If I Were Burning
84. Grand Grands
85. Let Me Lick Your Petalburg
86. Brawlin' Grand Dad
87. Hound Climbers
88. Sewer Snowboardin'
89. Spiral Bling
90. Flintasy Halazon
91. Look at the Way Bowser Uses the Walk, He's a Woman's Koopa, No Time To Talk
92. A Day In The Bedroom
93. InkLine (C Squid Remix)
94. Sans Andreas
95. The 2008 Marukyu Inaba County Sex Offender Registry
96. X Got Completely Lost in Forest Maze
98. Neko Crossing
99. Wilma's Castle
100. Shiver Star Grandjo Kirbzooy 64 The Snow shards
101. Soulja Halation
102. Come On, Right On
103. Beantrousle
104. Humoresque of a Benny Hill
105. Wii Bop Bling
106. h3h3's Click Clock Lobby
107. Beelzebaisse
108. Grand Trench
110. Adol Christin Gets The Morph Ball
111. Not a Snow Halation Rip
112. Don't Worry, Go Fishing
114. A Very Grand Approachment
115. Dad Zone (Mastered)
116. I Made Michael Jackson Better Guys
117. Super Smash Dat Hoe
118. A Little Bit of Jet Set Radio
121. Sober at 5PM
122. Electric Dead Cell
123. Nigrabush Symphony
124. Stones, My Dog, Snow!
125. Mermaid Rolld
126. Fighting Chaos Team
127. mario go down teh pipe
128. Grand Contagion
129. That's So Cory
130. Never Gonna Give Boo Up
131. Uncle Slider
132. Siege Engine Baby
133. Hammer Bros. Tell'em
134. Grand Island
136. Dragonwhisper Tower
137. Through my Blood [B W] ver.
138. Segacamp Desert
139. Megamix 8
141. Viridian Style
142. P R O G R A M (Not Responding)
143. Snowy Rumble
144. Bird That Carries You Over An Unusually Large Gap
145. Etika livestreams his reaction to a high quality Final Fantasy rip
147. Anthems for Comrades A Medley
148. Lobby of Wisdom
149. Crescent Moon Busters
150. Twoson Halation
151. WE ARE THE ****A
152. The Brave Little Balrog
153. Grand Offensive ...for Sky Dad
154. go home youre drunk man
155. Grand Moon
156. DadDad
157. Look! John Cena
158. Drill Her Right In Her First Stage
159. Juicy Sunset
160. Sperglunker
161. I don't think Cheato would even want this page back if he knew it'd been in Canary Mary's pusspuss
162. Highman
163. The So Called Power of NEO
164. Riku's Grand Dad
165. Port of Grandia
166. Invitation Of A Grand Moon
167. Song That Might Play When You Labyrinth Fight
168. I Can Be Your Moonsong
170. Inkopolis Juke Juke
171. Good Ass Butter Building (SiIvaGunner Mix)
172. Chance's Return to Dreamland
173. Dating Fight!
174. Plok on Fire
175. Reapers are Coming
176. Together We Ride (For 12 Hours)
177. Bowser.EXE has stopped working
178. Gorandead Battle
179. Bikini Gravity
180. I Don't Think This is a Fountain, Great Fairy
181. Fresh Pacifier of Bel Air Zone 1
182. Rocky in my Motherf cking Mind
184. HONG KOKIRI '97
185. The Dad that Grands Within You
186. Street Tamale (Tyler Mix)
187. Accidentally Squid Love
188. Skrill Sisters
189. 3D Ultra Pinball ThrillPSYde
190. Retro Cup GCN Andy's New House 150cc with Sheryff Woddy!!!!!!
191. Pokitaru Bonfire
192. Flowering Clock ~ Night Dial
193. Tunak Tunak Tem
194. Higan Retour ~ Memeside View
195. Stairway to Hyrule
196. Cuckman
197. Bedrock Hills
198. The Saltwater Nook
199. Fly On My Wayward Battery
200. Professor Dad's Lab
201. As Miku Collides
202. Miinosaur
203. You Spin Me Round (Like a Hexagon)
204. Reach Out To The Kazoo
205. Clash Dad
206. Helixovania (GiIvaMix)
207. T E T R I S ハイスコアのテーマ
208. Suspense Storm