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1. Artificial Intelligence Dad
2. YTP Mania
3. Like the Legend of the Ho Oh
4. OceanBound
5. 1539 W. WAKER
6. Lunatic Bunny
7. Cavern of Eternal Remembrance
8. A Grand to the Dad
9. A Fight to the Death ft Snow Halation
10. Cory! Late for school~
11. Lucid Sketches
12. Sceptic Town
13. Up on Mt. Money Laundering (from Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud)
14. Market Boulevard
15. Aquadial
16. Wario Goes Treasure Hunting in Jolly Roger's Lagoon
17. Sandvich Halation
18. THE WORLD REVOLVING (ML BiS Style Arrange)
19. Fighting HeartGold
20. Chobobo Ocean
21. Field of Epic Hopes and Dreams
22. bike rides on moon
23. hear that a Chaotix zone was cut from Mania its true. my dad works at Tee Lopes [100% REAL NO FAKE]
24. Just A Little Bit Nostalgic (No! by Vim remix)
25. Ultra Fight! Monkey in the Morning
26. King Lancer's Casino
27. Your comments are not funny
28. DDLC is for babies anyway
29. Eternal Field of Hopes and Dreams
30. Kirby vs. the Forces of Nightmare
31. Hotline Banshee
32. Main Theme (Plok's Recommendation)
33. Grand and Dad
34. Telling Fish Tales
35. Sakuya's Padventure
36. Field of Ponponpon and Smash
37. Back in the 64s
38. The F Zero Title Theme Megamix
40. Man, why does every Bleck actor gotta rap some
41. Porky's World
42. Ethan Feels So Good
43. Another Stickerbrush
44. I bless the girls down in Pokémon
45. Satan loses a game of puyo puyo to his Doggg
47. One Ahead Trial (Solar Terminal)
48. Run And Gun
49. Grand Ikoroshia
50. Old S.H. 2040
51. The Snow halation Sucks Rap
52. The Big Beat Mario Beats
53. Wonderful Ocarina of Time
54. This is Metallic Madness!
55. Artificial Dorito Bomb
56. Ordinary People vs. Creative People vs. PSY vs. µ's vs. Yacker vs. Ryuko vs. Knuckles vs. Infinite vs. FIGHTING POLYGON TEAM
59. Dad Rave (MAGFest 2019 Panel Interstitial Theme)
60. King for Another Day Reveal Trailer Theme
61. How 2 Do Anything [UPDATED WORKING 2014]
62. A love letter to this wonderful community and my amazing friends