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Home > Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's...
1. Splash Screen
2. World Map
3. Zen Garden
4. Hey There Neighbor
5. Reward Screen
6. Player’s House (Grasswalk)
7. Ultimate Battle Victory
8. Demonstration Minigame Victory
9. Player’s House (Reward Theme)
10. Player’s House (The Zombies Ate Your Brains)
11. Ancient Egypt (Choose Your Seeds)
12. Ancient Egypt (First Wave)
13. Ancient Egypt (Mid Wave A/B)
14. Ancient Egypt (Final Wave)
15. Ancient Egypt (Victory Theme)
16. Ancient Egypt (Reward Theme)
17. Ancient Egypt (The Zombies Ate Your Brains)
18. Ancient Egypt (Ultimate Battle) (Removed)
19. Ancient Egypt (Demonstration Minigame) (Removed)
20. Ancient Egypt / Big Wave Beach (Zomboss Intro)
21. Pirate Seas (Choose Your Seeds)
22. Pirate Seas (First Wave)
23. Pirate Seas (Mid Wave A)
24. Pirate Seas (Mid Wave B)
25. Pirate Seas (Final Wave)
26. Pirate Seas (Victory Theme)
27. Pirate Seas (Reward Theme)
28. Pirate Seas (The Zombies Ate Your Brains)
29. Pirate Seas (Ultimate Battle) (Removed)
30. Pirate Seas (Demonstration Minigame) (Removed)
31. Pirate Seas (Zomboss Intro)
32. Wild West (Choose Your Seeds)
33. Wild West (First Wave)
34. Wild West (Mid Wave A)
35. Wild West (Mid Wave B)
36. Wild West (Final Wave)
37. Wild West (Victory Theme)
38. Wild West (Reward Theme)
39. Wild West (Zombies Ate Your Brains)
40. Pianist Zombie’s Theme
41. Pianist Zombie’s Theme (Shrunken)
42. Pianist Zombie’s Theme (Feastivus Pinata Party)
43. Wild West (Ultimate Battle) (Removed)
44. Wild West (Demonstration Minigame) (Removed)
45. Kongfu World Level Theme
46. Wild West (Zomboss Intro)
47. Kongfu World (Choose Your Seeds)
48. Kongfu World (First Wave)
49. Kongfu World (Midwave A)
50. Kongfu World (Midwave B)
51. Kongfu World (Final Wave)
52. Kongfu World (Victory)
53. Kongfu World (Game Over)
54. Kongfu World (Ultimate Battle)
55. Kongfu World (Demonstration Minigame)
56. Far Future (Choose Your Seeds)
57. Far Future (First Wave)
58. Far Future (Mid Wave A)
59. Far Future (Mid Wave B)
60. Far Future (Final Wave)
61. Far Future (Victory Theme)
62. Far Future (Reward Theme)
63. Far Future (The Zombies Ate Your Brains)
64. Discotron 3000’s Theme
65. Far Future (Ultimate Battle) (Removed)
66. Far Future (Demonstration Minigame) (Removed)
67. Dark Ages (Choose Your Seeds)
68. Far Future (Zomboss Intro)
69. Dark Ages (First Wave)
70. Dark Ages (Mid Wave A)
71. Dark Ages (Mid Wave B)
72. Dark Ages (Final Wave)
73. Dark Ages (Victory Theme)
74. Dark Ages (Reward Theme)
75. Dark Ages (The Zombies Ate Your Brains)
76. Dark Ages (Ultimate Battle) (Removed)
77. Dark Ages (Demonstration Minigame) (Removed)
78. Big Wave Beach (Choose Your Seeds)
79. Dark Ages (Zomboss Intro)
80. Big Wave Beach (First Wave)
81. Big Wave Beach (Mid Wave A)
82. Big Wave Beach (Mid Wave B)
83. Big Wave Beach (Final Wave)
84. Big Wave Beach (Victory Theme)
85. Big Wave Beach (Reward Theme)
86. Big Wave Beach (The Zombies Ate Your Brains)
87. Big Wave Beach (Ultimate Battle) (Removed)
88. Frostbite Caves (Choose Your Seeds)
89. Frostbite Caves (First Wave)
90. Frostbite Caves (Mid Wave A)
91. Frostbite Caves (Mid Wave B)
92. Frostbite Caves (Final Wave)
93. Frostbite Caves (Victory Theme)
94. Frostbite Caves (Reward Theme)
95. Frostbite Caves (Zombies Ate Your Brains)
96. Frostbite Caves (Ultimate Battle) (Removed)
97. Frostbite Caves (Demonstration Minigame) (Removed)
98. Frostbite Caves (Zomboss Intro)
99. Sky City (Level Theme)
100. Sky City (Choose Your Seeds)
101. Sky City (First Wave)
102. Sky City (Midwaves)
103. Sky City (Final Wave)
104. Sky City (Victory)
105. Sky City (Game Over)
106. Sky City (Demonstration Minigame)
107. Lost City (Choose Your Seeds)
108. Lost City (First Wave)
109. Lost City (Mid Wave A)
110. Lost City (Mid Wave B)
111. Lost City (Final Wave)
112. Lost City (Victory Theme)
113. Lost City (Reward Theme)
114. Lost City (Zombies Ate Your Brains)
115. Lost City (Ultimate Battle) (Removed)
116. Lost City (Demonstration Minigame) (Removed)
117. Lost City (Zomboss Intro)
118. Neon Mixtape Tour (Choose Your Seeds Sincerely, The Theme)
119. Neon Mixtape Tour (Punk Jam Slam)
120. Neon Mixtape Tour (Pop Jam Soda Jerk)
121. Neon Mixtape Tour (Rap Jam Funkasmic)
122. Neon Mixtape Tour (Metal Jam My Guitar Wants Your Sweet Adoration) (Intro 1)
123. Neon Mixtape Tour (Metal Jam My Guitar Wants Your Sweet Adoration) (Intro 2)
124. Neon Mixtape Tour (8 Bit Jam Chiptune)
125. Neon Mixtape Tour (Ballad Jam Don’t You Love How We Love Each Other Together)
126. Neon Mixtape Tour (Victory Theme)
127. Neon Mixtape Tour (Reward Theme)
128. Neon Mixtape Tour (The Zombies Ate Your Brains)
129. Jurassic Marsh (Choose Your Seeds)
130. Jurassic Marsh (First Wave)
131. Jurassic Marsh (Mid Wave A)
132. Jurassic Marsh (Mid Wave B)
133. Jurassic Marsh (Final Wave)
134. Jurassic Marsh (Victory Theme)
135. Jurassic Marsh (Reward Theme)
136. Jurassic Marsh (Zombies Ate Your Brains)
137. Jurassic Marsh (Ultimate Battle) (Removed)
138. Jurassic Marsh (Demonstration Minigame) (Removed)
139. Jurassic Marsh (Zomboss Intro)
140. Modern Day (Choose Your Seeds)
141. Modern Day (First Wave)
142. Modern Day (Mid Wave A)
143. Modern Day (Mid Wave B)
144. Modern Day (Final Wave)
145. Modern Day (Victory Theme)
146. Modern Day (Reward Theme)
147. Modern Day (Zombies Ate Your Brains)
148. Modern Day (Ultimate Battle) (Removed)
149. Modern Day (Demonstration Minigame) (Removed)
150. Steam Ages (Level Theme)
151. Steam Ages (Choose Your Seeds)
152. Steam Ages (First Wave)
153. Steam Ages (Midwave A)
154. Steam Ages (Midwave B)
155. Steam Ages (Final Wave)
156. Steam Ages (Victory)
157. Steam Ages (Reward)
158. Steam Ages (Game Over)
159. Steam Ages (Ultimate Battle)
160. Steam Ages (Demonstration Minigame)
161. Renaissance Ages (Level Theme)
162. Zomboss Dialogue
163. Steam Ages Zomboss Intro
164. Dr. Zomboss’s Theme (Phase 1)
165. Dr. Zomboss’s Theme (Phase 2)
166. Dr. Zomboss’s Theme (Phase 3)
167. Kongfu World Boss Theme
168. Party Piñata
169. Feastivus Piñata
170. Birthdayz Piñata
171. Lawn Of Doom Piñata
172. Señor Piñata
173. PvP Mode (Menu Theme) (Removed)
174. PvP Mode (Battle Theme) (Removed)
175. Zombie Time! (Credits)