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Bar Beach.
But I don't get them get umbrella.
But you.
Can you hear me right now? Hello.
Canteen platform.
Come to our brothers. Come all over me. Come here.
Do you like me?
Dolphin Dive.
Don't get mad, OK? I'm your team captain. You have to listen to me.
Give me your Snapchat.
Go back to your kids. Thank you, you fat bitch.
Go go, brother, Go.
Grenade out.
Hello, how are you doing today?
Hello, how are you?
Hello, my friend, can you hear me?
Hi, Cortana.
I cannot see when you're talking. Can you shut up please?
I do not like men. I told you too many time. I am not gay.
I got him.
I had to sneeze.
I told you to shut up.
I'm defending.
I'm team captain. Come to me. Come all over me. Come here.
I'm trying to listen. Shut up.
In 321, shoot, shoot. Sure.
My bad, my friend my bad.
My bad. I needed your gun. I ran out of ammo.
No, my friend, please don't do it.
Ohh it's OK, I understand.
Ohh shit on me.
Ohh shit.
OK, everyone come to me. I'm team captain.
Please can you bless me?
Please don't mock me.
Revive me please.
Revive me please. I got Dragon.
Shut up.
Shut up. I will beat you. Do not talk to me like.
Somebody 5.
Suck my balls, your garbage.
Take cover, take cover. OK, cleared.
Teammate, come to me. We're going to win.
The plan is we're going to plant a OK.
They left to your left, your left, your left to your right to your left.
This is a rescue mission now. We are not defending, we're rescuing. OK, clear the area.
We're planting bee, Planting bee.
Woman shut up.
You make me very angry.
You're garbage, kid. Shut up.