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Leeshaland Soundboard

Leeshaland Soundboard

Leeshaland soundboard.

A bunch of stuff on sale today, I believe.
A little over a week 13.
A lot of fun.
A normal.
A small.
A smart lock?
A stationary bike.
A ton of stuff, them and you. Well, Yufei is owned by anchor, so I guess that doesn't make sense.
A week and 1/2 ish now.
A while ago and then I packed it instead of bringing it when we moved and I think that was a mistake because.
A whole day. And then you have to have another piece of the ice cream maker that's in the freezer so that it can.
Accidentally deleted the lights from.
After a big monsoon and.
Again, it's just smart so it's able to show you.
Again, it's like this. It'll blink.
All of that stuff. I've just been really, really impressed when it comes to OBS. Spot. So.
All of the time.
All sorts of stuff on it. You've got um.
All sorts of stuff.
Although right now it's just.
Always having to check that.
An audio thing on but um.
And awesome.
And be on their own.
And because I know there were others I know making like a Pickman 1.
And definitely, I remember when it first came out, we were riding our bikes, we were going to parks. It was so cool seeing like all these other people doing the same thing where they're like going ...
And fully weatherproof.
And has an adjustable arm on it. The other one is one that goes into your air conditioning.
And how we've been getting into it recently.
And I lost my page. There you are.
And it has the suction cup.
And it has the tripod.
And it has two feet 2 foot pedals, so it has.
And it just, it sounds awesome. It's got a 20 hour battery, which is also incredible. And then of course, like I said, the fact that it also can charge your phone, I just think it's such an ingenio...
And it makes it so smooth and delicious. I don't know how I like. I understand how it works, but I still can't figure out how it makes it.
And it um.
And it's a lot of fun.
And it's a lot of fun.
And it's a lot of fun. This isn't for $110. This one is great for kids rooms. This. I have this in my daughter's room. It's in the corner. It's basically her night light.
And it's actually like really good quality, because sometimes the poppet ones are.
And it's just a lot of fun. This was violent when she was seven, and she got the whole she got a hang of it.
And it's just awesome. This is a absolutely fantastic idea to keep in your car, just in case you never know when you're gonna need it.
And it's just it's a lot.
And it's just, like I said, it's definitely a lot of fun and it looks really great.
And it's like when you go into Costco and you see all the TV's with the stuff and like, Oh my God, this looks amazing. So it was all macro shots of like honey or like, I don't know, weird stuff. Bu...
And it's so comfortable. It's so incredibly warm. The hood is huge and it's just amazing. I wore this when we went to.
And like, yeah, so we've been playing it a whole lot, and I'm very surprised at how much fun it is again, even though I don't know who.
And my apps being weird and it's not like updating chat which is.
And now I just look like.
And now that the lights are, like, blinding me, that only is, you know, adding on to it. But yeah, no we've.
And now they are gone. OK.
And small. And it honestly is really nice to have one of those in the in your car.
And so I put them in there and it.
And so I've had to get hue lights, and then I had to get these other ones because hue lights are extremely red.
And the doorbells are no exception. They have another one that's really cool, because it's meant for.
And the second that they come out with canned lighting, I swear I'm replacing every single hue light. I will give them away because I just they're not as good in my opinion.
And then in the same you know the same thing is the like right now.
And then it's like.
And then it's turning like.
And then just in the last couple of weeks, we've gotten back into it and it has been.
And then of course that's.
And then we have.
And then we will organize it later because I like.
And they are just really comfortable, they are fully weatherproof.
And they are um.
And they do have a mini version which I think I have. I just need to find them but.
And um, so you know, we've been in, we've been here for.
And um.
And um.
And um.
And um.
And we like it was a lot of a lot of fun.
And yeah, so there's stuff just awesome. And like, sometimes, you know, it can be hard to find good.
And you can change like there's different um.
And you can kind of change them to be flat or they have too little.
And you kick started just like a normal scooter and then it has.
And you pointed out your wall and it gives like this really nice, beautiful kind of outer glow like you.
And zoom. It's super wide angle, which is what I really like about it too a lot of the times.
And, um, it's been.
Anything like that, there's a lot of fun stuff.
Anyways, alright, cool. Yeah, so we like. I don't have doors on my office yet, so we have like a.
Anyways, so that one's really cool. All of their stuff is absolutely amazing.
Anyways, that is easy to put together, but.
Are a couple of.
Are some youthy?
Are they're less expensive?
Asking for my child to crash, and if she crashes she will never want to ride her bike again.
At night fully wire free, which is what I personal.
Attachment. You could take that off and put it on a bigger tripod as well, so if you have to have it like higher up and it will still work, just.
Awesome gift idea.
Awesome. They make me happy.
Back here because I don't know.
Basket and just honestly, when it comes to cooking pretty much any frozen food ever, air frying is seriously the way to go.
Be Sir uh, this is the security camera and it has.
Because I have govie everywhere in my house, but they don't make the Cam lights and we have a bunch of canned lights in our new house.
Because I'm still trying to like, I have so much kitchen like gadgets and stuff that it got to the point where I was trying to put stuff away. And I'm like, OK, we just need to put it into a cabinet.
Becomes a blur. So I'm like if it's just in the cabinets, it's in the drawers, then I can assess each one individually later.
Being a 90 versus 50I I I personally just like the open room better. That's just my thought.
Bull. Volume.
But anyways, yeah, we had to get our backyard done.
But four months is still not bad.
But I want govie. I want all of my house to be gone because their stuff is so much smarter, better. There's they're just they're my absolute favorite when it comes to RGB.
But I'm going to.
But I'm not seeing it telling me anything about the battery life.
But if you want to be able to go back and look at stuff, or if it tells you there's motion or something happened and.
But it has. I believe it has a microphone as well and noise cancelling on there so you don't have to worry about.
But it is there.
But it's a lot of fun. So this one is great if you have, you know, maybe you don't have a big yard. We don't have a big yard, we couldn't do a giant trampoline if we wanted to. And honestly, the am...
But just in general.
But like right now.
But man, I have to like, I love buying gifts. I'm like, really? I really love shopping for people. And so I have to like, tell myself like.
But man, when it comes to reheating food.
But other than that, the everything else about it is pretty.
But that was, you know.
But the open move I found.
But then it has a camera, and then it also has a doorbell button.
But then it takes longer and sometimes you just want your food like yesterday, right? So this one is awesome because it's a nice middle ground. It comes with the air fryer basket. And I already hav...
But they're very neat because it's like nice if you're going, you know, outside or you just.
But this is something that you know you keep in your car or you could take if you're going camping.
But this is these hover soccer balls that I've heard so much about. So these are on sale for $36.00 right now. But then there is also a or there was.
But this one is a.
But this one is really fun. So I bought this full price at 70 bucks and I thought it was really great. This one's on sale for 50 or $49.00 today. If you like Marvel as much as I do, it is absolutel...
But trust me when I say, if you need light bulbs for anything, you will not be disappointed.
But we got turf and we got like marble paper stuff. It looks really, really nice. So I'm happy. I'm just glad it's done because I was not about to sit here for.
But we're starting to get there. But it's like, I'm like, oh crap, it's 6:30 and I didn't do my stream today, so.
But with the creamy, it's really cool because you just have these little containers. You mix all of your stuff together and you put it in there, you let it freeze overnight so that it's completely ...
But yeah, I expected it to be a little bit less. It probably is dependent on how much it's actually lighting up. I expected it because it needs to actually light up a light.
But yeah, that was absolutely a non-negotiable.
But yeah, this one, this one's nice, it's solid. It's, it's a good price and I've just been.
But you can have them plugged in or you can take them with you. There's like a little bowl. They can be all different colors. They have like a flickering, like a fire option. They're very, very fun...
By far one of the best.
Can be bent, so you can set it up so that he's doing like the snap.
Can keep yourself in frame, it's pretty cool.
Can you fully dunk it underwater? You can like throw it in the pool, it's gonna float away. I love this cause like I just think of like ohh you have like a bow or like your you rent a boat or somet...
Can't see anything, so I always like the idea of having a spotlight there anyways, but having that.
Can't wait until we put them up.
Case in point, I don't know if you could hear that I've got like a.
Certain ones like these that are 180 day battery life, there's other ones that are 365 day. So it's either you're charging it one time or two times a year. That's it. And then you put it up where y...
Charge a fee to use the cloud, so like.
Come on, can lights.
Computer it's just really fun and it's.
Connecting to it to play music, anything like that and?
Cook sugar.
Cook your food on it and then you don't worry about your um.
Cool enough? And like, there's just a lot of.
Cool, so this was on sale for $143?
Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.
Copy all of.
Coughing and.
Couple of years, but it used to be for a while that like if you were getting a $50.00 webcam, it just looked like the worst.
Covered in stuff because.
Creamy, which is on sale today.
Custom security zones, you can talk through it. That's the thing with all these two. They have two ways, two way audio so that you can.
Cyber Monday deals and it looked like the company forgot to turn off the clickable coupon. So it's like they had it the Cyber Monday deal and then it was like 30% on top of that.
Deals like there was a couple on on here that I saw that were.
Deals you can get.
Definitely not a bad thing.
Dialing in, but it's a lot of fun, so this is on sale for $115.
Did not need to be such a giant.
Did not quite impressed with how well it works.
Did somebody say Pokémon? Yes, we did.
Didn't have an air fryer, and I really love having an air fryer toaster in particular because it gives you options.
Different cameras here again.
Do they have a clickable? They don't have a clickable right now.
Does it maybe have battery?
Don't take this the wrong way, but you look exhausted. Thanks. I am.
Door locks that are really cool. It's so it's like they took.
Doorbell as well, but the battery ones are actually really a lot easier because you could just literally stick it somewhere and.
Dude, I gotta tell you all the stuff that we ended up getting this like.
During monsoon season gets swept away.
Dustproof. Waterproof.
Earbuds, because, I don't know. My ears are small and they're always really uncomfortable, so these are great because they don't.
Ended up picking up for my daughter for Christmas she.
Fantastic. This is a one of those portable tire.
Fast Internet, yes, absolutely. That was like 100%. It's I believe it's fiber.
Favorite Pokémon or one that you're trying to level up will get more.
Few things.
Finds the Pokémon.
Fingerprint to open. It's really cool.
Fingers and all that.
First of which is the.
Five that I like you OK.
For GPS or anything like that, so it's nice to.
For kids or anybody really, this is fun. No matter if you are.
For kids this holiday season.
For kids, for like anyone we've had, we had such a blast in the summer making different.
For the speed test.
Four terabyte SSD ooh, what was your deal? How much do you pay?
Frozen potato wedges that sounded so good and then like.
Full Oh no. This one's the 2K as well, but this one is the 365 day batteries.
Full volume, so it's a little terrifying when you are not expecting it to be as loud as it possibly can be.
Fully why? Please turn off.
Game lights.
Garbage. You're buying it for the name.
Gelato. It can make ice cream. There's like a bunch of different settings on here.