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Created by Bardman 2 19
Set SFX Library

Set SFX Library

The sounds of voices on a TV set saying rolling sounds, speed action, and steampunk weapons like the Electrocutor Gun and the Drivetrain Rifle transport you into a world of fantasy and excitement. The electrifying sound of the Vaeyaniii Electrickettle set base lock clattering adds to the atmosphere, while the setting down of a dining room chair and a foley china cup on a table provide a sense of domesticity amidst the chaos of the other sounds. You can almost feel the vibrations of the large metal angle iron being set down on concrete slowly, as well as the delicate sound of glass being put down on a wooden surface.

The futuristic world continues to unfold with the sounds of the Bio Machine and Tube Gun in action, setting the stage for an epic battle. Meanwhile, the mundane sound of a box being set down and a candy food wrapper package rustling adds a touch of realism to the scene. The foley dress shoe set down on a wood surface provides a sense of elegance amidst the chaos, while the reverberant sound of silverware dropping on a table echoes through the room.

The steampunk weapons continue to dazzle with the Steamer and Rebel Bio setting the tone for an epic showdown. The sound of glass wine bottles being set down adds a touch of sophistication, while the little plastic container ts and hot pan water beads sputtering and hissing create a sense of urgency and tension. The tea cup saucer set down on a wood table brings a moment of calm before the storm of metallic crackles and whines ensue.

The variety of sounds on offer is truly impressive, with everything from large plate glass being set down on concrete to the unique sound of a dumbbell being set down on a dumbbell tree. The crowd on a film set discussing wardrobe and the blue screen creates a sense of anticipation, while the crowd on a small set with the director and producers discussing their shots adds to the excitement. The liquor bottle being set in a cabinet and the sound of a magazine being set down offers a glimpse into moments of quiet reflection amidst the chaos.

The diverse range of sounds available in the Set S Library allows for endless possibilities in creating immersive audio experiences. Whether you're looking to add a touch of steampunk flair to your project or create a realistic domestic scene, these sounds have you covered. Play and download these sounds here to unlock the potential for your next project.

Box Set Down Candy Food Wrapper Package 01
Card Video Game - Movement - Shuffling 3
Chair Dining Room Table Set Down
Chalk Box Set Down Wood
Crowd On A Film Set Preparing And Discussing Wardrobe And Blue Screen
Crowd On A Film Set Wrapping Up With Voices 1
Crowd On A Small Set With Director And Producers Discussion Shot Duration
Crowd Set Commercial Prep Set Dressers Work Sparse Scattered Door Loading Dock Raise Slow Whine
Dumbbell 2 5 Lb Set Down On Dumbbell Tree 01
Foley China Cup Setting On Table 01
Foley Dress Shoe Set Down Wood Surface 01
Foley Jewelry Movement Set Hand 01
Foley Plastic Cd Set Hard Wood Table 01
Glass Putdownontable Wood
Glass Wine Bottle Set Down 01
Glass Wine Bottle Set Down 03
Hot Pan Water Beads Set Crackle Metallic Whine Shock
Hot Pan Water Beads Set Multiple Long Sputter Hiss Whine Chirping
Kaib Fol Cu Setting Dropping Silverware On Table Cutlery Reverberant
Large Metal Angle Iron Setting Down On Concrete Slow
Large Plate Glass Set Concrete
Liquor Bottle Set In Cabinet
Liquor Bottle Set In Cabinet Clank
Little Plastic Container Ts
Little Plastic Container Ts 03
Little Plastic Container Ts 10
Magazine Single Set Down Magazine
Magazine Stack Set Down Wood
Mouse Trap Set
Packaging Tape Dispenser Set Down Table
Pool Chalk Set Down Chalk Billiards
Popcorn Tin Lid Large Set Down Wobble
Scissors Set Down Wood Table
Small Pill Bottle Set Down Hard Rattle Plastic
Square Metal Tubing Setting Down On Concrete Light
Steampunk Weapon - Bio Machine - Setting 6
Steampunk Weapon - Bolt Gun - Setting 2
Steampunk Weapon - Bucket Gun - Setting 2
Steampunk Weapon - Bucket Gun - Setting 3
Steampunk Weapon - Clack Gun - Setting 3
Steampunk Weapon - Drivetrain Rifle - Setting 7
Steampunk Weapon - Electrocutor Gun - Setting 3
Steampunk Weapon - Eviscerator - Setting 5
Steampunk Weapon - Mini Bolt - Setting 5
Steampunk Weapon - Rebel Bio - Setting 1
Steampunk Weapon - Rebel Bio - Setting Fast 3
Steampunk Weapon - Steamer - Setting 10
Steampunk Weapon - Steamer - Setting 9
Steampunk Weapon - Thorn - Setting 4
Steampunk Weapon - Tube Gun - Setting 3
Steampunk Weapon - Uber God Gun - Setting 6
Sun Glasses Closed Set Down Wood Table
Tea Cup Saucer Set Down Wood Table Antique
Telephone Book Set Down
Thin Aluminum Angle Iron Setting Down On Concrete
Thin Sheet Metal Dropping On Concrete Flat Smack
Thin Sheet Metal Dropping On Concrete Topple
Thin Sheet Metal Picking Up From Concrete Whisk
Towel Dry Set Down Floor
Vaeyaniii Electrickettle Set Base Lock Alt2
Vaeyaniii Electrickettle Set Base Lock Alt3
Vaeyaniii Electrickettle Set Base Lock Clatter
Voice Of A Director And Ad Says Cut Cutting
Voice Set Ad And Here We Go Rolling Sound Quiet
Voices On Tv Set Say Rolling Sound Speed Action
Volleyball Hit Soft 5
Volleyball Hit Soft 6
Weights Bench Press Set Down Stand 01