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Created by Bardman 12 41
Electronica SFX Library

Electronica SFX Library

The Electronica S Library is a treasure trove of sounds that can ignite your creativity and transport you to a different realm. From the pulsating Industrial beats at 120 BPM to the hypnotic Han5Groove1 rhythm, each sound is carefully curated to spark inspiration. The Fh2 Grooveclick at 130 BPM adds a unique touch to your tracks, while the Elektro vibes at 120 BPM bring a futuristic edge to your compositions. With sounds like Rob Glitch 024 and Ths 02 Tth A 127 Hihat Perc 2, you can experiment with unconventional sounds and push the boundaries of your music.

If you're looking to add depth to your tracks, dive into the world of Fh2 Bassline 128 22 D E and Ths 03 Dth G 125 Drums Mix 1. These sounds will elevate your music and create a solid foundation for your compositions. Meanwhile, the Rob 120 Beat 022 and Ths 01 Th B 128 Vox offer a dynamic contrast that will captivate your listeners. Whether you're crafting a high-energy track or a moody atmospheric piece, these sounds provide endless possibilities for your musical journey.

Immerse yourself in the diverse range of sounds available in the Electronica S Library. From the ethereal Deep D at 140 BPM to the Electro 01 Smooth Reaction L2, each sound is a sonic landscape waiting to be explored. The Rob 90 G Synthloop 001 and Fh2 The Sweeps 130 04 A offer a blend of nostalgia and innovation that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. With sounds like Plastik Tek 120 BPM and Moog Leads 89 C 5, you can infuse your music with a retro-futuristic flair that is both timeless and cutting-edge.

Get ready to elevate your tracks with the Generative Rythm at 120 BPM and Fh2 Filtered Loop 130 22 Bb. These sounds are designed to push the boundaries of electronic music and take your compositions to new heights. Dive into the mesmerizing world of Rob 175 E Synthloop 019 and Ths 03 Tth C 127 Fx Noise, where unexpected textures and tones await your exploration. Experiment with sounds like Ths 02 Tth A 127 Hihat Perc 3 and Fh2 Broken Band 130 07 Bb to add a touch of unpredictability to your music.

Play and download these sounds from the Electronica S Library to unlock a world of sonic possibilities. Dive into the sonic landscape of Mxe 128 F Crownhead and 100 Fatbeat 01 Rising, where every beat and note carries the potential for new musical discoveries. Experiment with unique sounds like Spoke C, Nordlead C G at 88 BPM 67, and Phenix Scape Major C at Bpm to create a sonic journey that is uniquely yours. With sounds like Dub Step Massive 1 120 Bpm, Guit 4 91Bpm Kalantzis, and Rob 175 Beat 010, the possibilities are endless for crafting original, innovative music that resonates with your audience.

Alien Fm 1
Alien X6 04
Analog Seqs 001 01
Aquatik Lead
Beat Electronica Abstract Trip Hop
Beat Electronica Bright Eerie
Beat Electronica Smooth Acid Bass
Beatch Party 140 Bpm
Blacknwhite 72 Dm Bass01 Ss
Bladeloop 109 Bpm
Chopped Beat 127 Bpm
Cl 5 Kalantzis
Cl 7 Kalantzis
Cl 9 Kalantzis
Cool Fx
Dark Orchestra Slowly It Creeps L2
Dark Orchestra 08 Slowly It Creeps L1
Deep 130 Bpm
Deep D 140 Bpm
Deep Idm 140 Bpm
Dirtyriver Bass Cm 95
Divine Machine 150 Bpm
Droxed Triphop 98 Bpm
Drumloopfx Falling 01
Drumplaypc 3 Kalantzis
Drumplaypc Kalantzis
Drumsn 82Bpm Kalantzis
Dub Step Massive 1 120 Bpm
Electro 01 Smooth Reaction L2
Electro 07 Get Da Funk L2
Electro Lab 130 Bpm 1
Electronik Balad C 120 Bpm
Elektro 120 Bpm
Elektronik Dance 140 Bpm
Enforcer Walk 01
Ethnic House Pad C 130 Bpm
Fat Boy Bells D Bpm
Fh2 Bassline 128 19 D
Fh2 Bassline 128 22 D E
Fh2 Bassline 130 29 C
Fh2 Bassline 130 30 D
Fh2 Bassline 130 31 G
Fh2 Broken Band A
Fh2 Broken Band 130 07 Bb
Fh2 Drum Fill 128 02C
Fh2 Drum Fill 128 04A
Fh2 Drum Fill 128 09B
Fh2 Drum Fill 128 16B
Fh2 Drum Fill 128 17B
Fh2 Drum Fill 130 02C
Fh2 Drum Fill 130 03A
Fh2 Drum Fill 130 12A
Fh2 Drum Fill 130 13B
Fh2 Drum Fill 130 16B
Fh2 Drumloop 130 03
Fh2 Drumloop 130 08
Fh2 Drumloop 130 11
Fh2 Filtered Loop D
Fh2 Filtered Loop 130 07 Bb
Fh2 Filtered Loop 130 22 Bb
Fh2 Grooveclick
Fh2 Grooveclick
Fh2 Grooveclick 130 08
Fh2 Synthloop 130 01 A
Fh2 The Bleeps 130 03 G G
Fh2 The Sweeps 128 01 A
Fh2 The Sweeps 128 02 A
Fh2 The Sweeps 128 07
Fh2 The Sweeps 128 10
Fh2 The Sweeps 130 04 A
Fh2 Toploop B
Fh2 Toploop 128 09B
Fh2 Toploop 128 11B
Fh2 Toploop 128 17B
Fh2 Toploop 130 03A
Fh2 Toploop 130 09A
Fh2 Toploop 130 13A
Fh2 Toploop 130 14A
Fh2 Toploop 130 18A
Fh2 Twisted Vox 130 15 G
Flut 5 Kalantzis
Fm Ae 150 Bpm
Fm Beat 150 Bpm
Fm Tune Lead Lydian C 120 Bpm
Fou 1 61Bpm Kalantzis
Frontpage 67 Drums01 Ss
Gabba Kick Pattern
Gabba Sine Kik Diminished C 130 Bpm
Gamalean 2 Dry 160 Bpm
Generative Rythm 120 Bpm
Glasshouse Drums Ss
Glasshouse 68 Drumfill Ss
Glitch Box 120 Bpm
Glitch Mangle 002
Gruvey Bpm
Gsbuh Bye 120Bpm
Gscode Bpm
Guit 3 91Bpm Kalantzis
Guit 4 91Bpm Kalantzis
Guit 6 Kalantzis
Han5Groove1 07
Hardbeat Heavy Engineering L1
Hardbeat 01 On The Edge L2
Hardbeat 06 Don T Mess With Me L1
Hardbeat 07 Big Buzz L2
High Hits A 138
House Lead
Idm Dub 130 Bpm
Idm Loop
Idm Loop 90Bpm
Idm String
Idm String2
Idm String3
Industrial Bpm
Industrial Bpm
Industrial Bpm 120 110
Industrial Bpm 120 143
Industrial Bpm 120 41
Industrial Bpm 120 68
Industrial Bpm 120 8
Industrial Bpm 130 15
Industrial Bpm 130 22
Industrial Bpm 130 35
Industrial Bpm 145 121
Industrial Bpm 145 129
Industrial Bpm 145 140
Industrial Bpm 145 141
Industrial Bpm 145 32
Industrial Bpm 145 48
Industrial Bpm 145 52
Industrial Bpm 145 56
Industrial Bpm 145 72
Industrial Bpm 145 76
Industrial Bpm 145 96
Industrial Bpm 88 39
Industrial Bpm 88 49
Industrial Execution 130 Bpm
Industrial Granular Dance 130 Bpm
Industrial Two Step 130 Bpm
Intelekt E 120 Bpm
Inyourcare 75 Drumfill01 Ss
Inyourcare 75 Drums01 Ss
Inyourcare 75 Drums02 Ss
Kantor2 D
Kingtakespawn Drums Ss
Kingtakespawn 60 Drums02 Ss
Kubik Liner Lydian D 120 Bpm
Last Time Lydian D 120 Bpm
Lets Grain 120 Bpm
Lnz4Groove2 14
Lounge 01 Oceans L1
Massive Beat 120 Bpm
Matress Synth 01
Matrix Drums 120 Bpm
Mc Rimwarped
Mcodes 004 Seq01
Mcodes 004 Seq03
Mcodes 006 Seq01
Mcodes 006 Seq03
Moog Bpm A 4
Moog Bpm 98 C 19
Moog Leads 89 C 13
Moog Leads 89 C 41
Moog Leads 89 C 5
Mxe D Wobble
Mxe Fatal Frame
Mxe G Solboy
Mxe G Ultra Bass Combi
Mxe Rhyme
Mxe Safe Pair
Mxe 128 A Invaders
Mxe 128 C Brownie
Mxe 128 C Knockles
Mxe 128 C Stormrider
Mxe 128 F Beeline
Mxe 128 F Crownhead
Mxe 128 Jakuzzi
Mxe 128 Junglebeat
Mxe 128 Loseface
Mxe 128 Makaron
Mxe 128 Nonsence
Mxe 128 Play Ducks
Mxe 130 A Paradise
Mxe 130 Bumblebee
Mxe 130 C Balo
Mxe 130 C Generator
Mxe 130 C Pistols
Mxe 130 Collabs
Mxe 130 D Aziz
Mxe 130 D Burnout
Mxe 130 D Dexter
Mxe 130 D Idiot
Mxe 130 D Pusher
Mxe 130 D Yellowbox
Mxe 130 E Abysmo
Mxe 130 F Pell Mell
Mxe 130 F Pretender
Mxe 130 G Exhausted
Mxe 130 Hexagons
Mxe 130 Millennium
Mxe 130 Murdered
Mxe 130 Prison
Mxe 130 Soulcage
Mxe 130 Universe
Mxe 132 A Oratorium
Mxe 132 B Better Half
Mxe 132 Breed