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Actually, there's a treasure on those islands by the pirate ship. Why don't you go check it?
And that's where milk comes from. So anyway.
Anyway, I have to go now, Sir.
Are you OK, Sir?
Be gone, you vile varlets.
Better remember what you're getting me. You're remember, right? Skateboard.
Between you and me, I think someone's out to get me.
But I'm not thirsty.
But Sir, why?
Bye. Ohh and griptape. Very awesome.
Can you help me Sir?
Can't I ever do anything right?
Can't they convince you to leave me alone?
Come on out, Sir.
Come on, don't pick on the little guy.
Come on, you're my only friend, Sir.
Did Mr. Luntz use his hedge trimmer on your hair, Sir?
Did you hear that Mister? Galloway had Scotch on his breath again.
Did you hear that, Mister? Burton dropped a dumbbell on someone's foot.
Did you know that Mister Hat Trick was a sniper from Korea?
Do you think that really hurts?
Do you want me to find someone for you to beat up?
Does this mean I have to live at the school now?
Don't be coward, Sir.
Don't hit me. Everyone knows you're tough already.
Don't tell Mama I'm doing this.
Don't worry, we can hide out together.
Ever cry so much you got dehydrated?
Ever just give up going to the toilet?
Ever pick your nose and eat the snub?
Fire, Mama. Fire.
Follow me, Sir.
Forsooth, ye shall surely perish.
Get Me Out of this nightmare.
Get off.
Give it back.
Give me.
Glad you're here, Sir.
Go away.
Good to see you, Sir.
Gotta get new sheets again.
Ha ha, Mama would like that.
Have you ever been to a sunken pirate ship? I bet there's something really cool out there.
Have you ever spoken to a girl or a boy?
Have you heard that Mister Hatrick tried to start a fight with Mr. Galloway?
Have you seen those pictures of Mandy?
He's a jerk. He humiliated me.
Hello Sir.
Hello Sir.
Hello, Mama. I mean, ma'am.
Help Mama.
Here take this.
Hey, now what can I do for you?
Hey, that boy just took the flowers.
Hi, hi.
Hmm, it doesn't taste that bad, actually.
How does this work again?
How many kids can you stuff in garbage cans really fast? Not very many, I bet.
I always knew there was something going on there.
I am a mighty matador, and you are my helpless bull.
I am prepared to identify your perpetrator.
I can do just fine without your advice, Sir.
I can feel my Mama watching us.
I can't believe I did it.
I can't take it anymore. You're gonna pay.
I could hear people too.
I could make you wet your bed too, you know.
I did it again.
I don't care if you're better than us.
I don't get.
I don't have to listen to you.
I don't like fighting, but I guess I have to.
I don't like rich people. I'll pay you to wreck Harrington.
I don't like.
I don't need your threats to make me anymore pathetic.
I don't respect you anymore, Sir.
I feel better with you around, Sir.
I feel so, so alone.
I got this volcano 4000 but I'm kinda scared to set it off. Will you please do?
I hated here so much.
I have to go to nurse Mcrae's office, Sir.
I heard that Gary's gonna come back and save us all.
I heard that Miss Phillips used to be a Bunny waitress.
I just wanna be your friend.
I like food fights.
I love my skateboard right now. I want my present now.
I miss my Mama so much.
I only cry myself to bed six nights a week these days.
I really appreciate you doing this Sir.
I think my Mama has something like this.
I thought you were gonna lay off me.
I told everyone you could be Casey's locker stuffing record. You think you can?
I wanna be just like you.
I wanna be like you and I get to be a big kid.
I want Mama.
I want my whole life to be as wonderful as that, right?
I want that guy to feel my pain just once.
I want the new Super Ultra fighter turbo plus Alpha Remix Limited edition and the Super Ultra fighter turbo Plus Alpha Remix 12 by Joystick. And I want the Super Ultra fighter turbo plus alpha remi...
I won. I won. I won.
I wonder if these people have Mamas.
I'll be more careful, Sir.
I'll get a job in the morning, Mama.
I'm coming, Mama.
I'm emotionally scarred now.
I'm for the jimmys taking care of Gary. That's why we never see him.
I'm gonna get my mom to call your Mama.
I'm gonna win, you'll see.
I'm just a harmless little kid.
I'm not gonna call you Sir anymore.
I'm not scared of you, new kid.
I'm really harmless.
I'm scared.
I'm so angry I could pee.
I'm so going to tell my mom about this, Sir.
I'm sorry for whatever I did to you.
I'm sorry. If Mama were here, she'd help.
I'm telling on you.
I'm telling.
I've already got enough to make me wet my bed without you.
I've got a special appointment with Mr. Burton later in the week.
I've heard Edna starting to see things when she's cooking.
I've heard that the teachers have been doing the graffiti themselves.
I've heard the tough guys bring people like me to a place called the Hole.
If you wanna be my bully, you'll have to get in line.
If you want, I can show you all my hiding places.
It hurts.
It looks like tonight is gonna be another sheet soaking.
It's always the same. Everyone is after me.
It's not funny. Please get him.
It's only Mama. We're here. We'd all feel better.
It's time to call my Mama, Sir.
Just leave me alone.
Just look down, don't make eye contact with anyone.
Leave me alone.
Leave me alone. Leave me alone. Leave me alone.
Look out.
Mama 1
Mama 2
Mama 3
Mama always told me to trust the prefects, so I'll tell.
Mama says I'm fearsome when I'm angry.
Mama says I'm fearsome.
Mama says it's bad to fix.
Mama wouldn't like.
Mama, help me.
Mama, why do you keep me here?
Mara. Ohh.
Miss McCray says my psyche is on the upswing.
Mom is gonna be so proud.
My fault, Sir.
My Mama calls me a matador, so watch out.
My Mama says I'm gonna be a matador.
My Mama says that that shouldn't be allowed.
My Mama says you're mean.
My program.
No matter where you go, people will find you. They'll kill you.
No way.
No way. It's not true.
No, my friend.
No, no, no no. See my red flag.
No. Not again. Not again.
Nobody talks that way about my Mama.
Not that way, Sir.
Now where was I? Ohh yeah now I remember.
Ohh come on, it just did.
Ohh disease disease.
Ohh Mama it smells.
Ohh Mama no.
Ohh no my only friend.
Ohh no.
Ohh teach you to respect my Mama.
Ohh thank you, thank you.
Ohh what a disaster.
Ohh whenever I go outside I get beat up and snowballs thrown at me. I hate winter.
Ohh, defend your honor, Mama.
Ohh, that was so very, very fun.
OK, how do I do this?
OK, um, I'll try not to confuse the details.
Only Mama could see that.
Pancakes where are the waffles?
Please don't hurt me again.
Please don't hurt me. I'm already crying every night.
Please don't hurt me. My Mama will be sad.
Please find someone else.
Please, nobody heard me today.
Really. Wow.
Return to your plague infested hovel.
See what you've done to me? I've cracked, cracked.
See you.
See. I know how to give it out too.
Sir, please.
Skateboard guy. I'm a skateboard. Hear me old man.
So did you hear their worms? And then the spaghetti?
Someone give my momma.
Someone told me you were afraid to smash up gravestones. Is that true?
Sorry, it's not your turn to torture me.
Sorry, Sir.
Stop it.
Stop it. Leave it alone.
Surrender, and I may yet be merciful.
Thank God they're not picking on me.
Thank you, Sir.
That can't be true.
That was so amazing.
That was so mean of you.
That's it. I've had enough of you.
That's my bike.
That's not very friendly.
That's really nice.
That's so cool.
That's the wrong way, Sir.
The problem with the world is that Mama can't be everywhere at once.
The tattoo won't look good when you're a grandfather, Sir.
Then you have to let the fudge dry off, but anyway.
There's nowhere to run anywhere on this planet.
There's something really weird about these people.
They must be catching terrorists.
They're gonna get me dry sheets for tonight.
Think Mr. Burton literally wants me dead?
This is so wrong.
This is terrible.
This is the way, Sir.