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Created by tiernan1432213123 59 590
Thad Carlson Soundboard (Bully)

Thad Carlson Soundboard (Bully)

A soundboard of Thad from BULLY (He has a lisp and he pronounces his s' like t's)

A great success.
Above today, a flat tomorrow.
Ah, the Colossus of Rhodes has collapsed.
Are those your words of wisdom? Please.
Assistant, please.
But allies don't screw each other over.
Can you imagine living your life with such a theory of affliction at these free?
Cloth. They're such a waste, the money.
Come on, I could be a valuable ally.
Consume this.
Crush him.
Crush the infamous thing.
Defending the cavalry.
Did you hear? You could think firecrackers and thought of a racer that made grenades?
Do I hear something interesting? No.
Do you ever talk to girl?
Do you wanna join the dinosaurs in extinction?
Do you want my yard thick through your ears?
Don't think you've escaped Timmy.
Elvis is in the house.
Enjoy your trip.
Ever take revenge on the greasers?
Excuse me?
Fainted. So cruel.
Far and it sits in afraid of anyone.
Fat found logic.
Fat ghetto behavior.
Fat though, natty.
Fiddle fiddle fiddle.
Fire. We must escape the flames.
Fit and spin.
Forget it, Hopkins. You're not getting in without the key code.
Fuck your mouth.
General Custer made a tragic mistake.
Get yourself sorted out.
God. Girl.
Gone greeters always ruining my science experiments.
Greetings and salutations.
Have you ever considered the military usage of yards thick and ruler?
Have you ever tasted Edna's cookies?
Hello Sir.
Help theft in progress.
Help. We're being bullied.
Hey, that's my bike.
Hey, what give?
Hey, what's the matter with you?
Hi, thi.
Hold on, I'll save you.
How can an intelligent boy, that is myself, succeed in this day and age?
How much humiliation must we solder?
I am not to be twiddled with.
I can create deadly weapons out of anything, so take care.
I can reveal the perpetrator.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe someone would cover up something like that.
I cannot help but assume that bullworth is a microcosm for the whole world.
I don't care what the Neanderthal fatemi.
I don't respond to primitive structures.
I don't think so.
I fell. Have your driver's license revoked?
I felt burn your faith into the Fallujah of the flesh.
I felt confiscate that bicycle.
I felt rendered you helpless.
I felt with you like putty in my hand.
I found now thumbing the reinforcement.
I give up.
I hate the money classes.
I hereby relieve you from that bicycle.
I know the instigator.
I love that so much.
I muffet you attack to prove yourself worth.
I need reinforcements.
I never listened to microbes.
I really think someone is out to get me this year.
I shall be Abbott to your Costello.
I surrender.
I think my spine is in the.
I think our petty life or just the comment on the state of the universe.
I thought the 4th of the nature rendered you extinct.
I wish I didn't have this visual impediment.
I wish I went to more gym classes.
I wish Smith Phillips could tell me her sketis sometime.
I wonder if he got speared by the bicycle, folks.
I'd say use your head, but.
I'll add you in your battle against evil.
I'll be your best friend.
I'll never define the ultimate yard thick.
I'll pay.
I'm a scorpion who hath a deadly thing.
I'm disgusting.
I'm so sorry.
I'm thinking in my booth.
I've been pushed too far.
I've got studying to do.
I've had enough of this tomfoolery.
I've never heard anything that ridiculous.
I've seen better.
If it be a threat though, Nice.
It's people like you that cause unrest.
It's possible.
It's that time again. Time to fuck it to those thick carnies.
It's time for a new Ted offensive.
Judith ascaria.
Last year I hit my yardstick over Peanut Head, but it just broke in half.
Let's get nuts.
Look, warts from the Black Death.
Lose a fight with garden fears.
May I ask you for assistant?
Mercy, mercy.
Mr. Burton had never found me when I cut gym class.
Mr. Burton underwent quite an unfortunate incident, didn't he?
Mr. Galloway totally lost it. He's been thin away.
My life is flashing before me.
My respects, my lady.
My time is too valuable for this.
Nice work.
No hard feelings.
No way.
No, let's get out of here.
Not my precious.
Now now, sometimes I have verbal diarrhea.
Now see here, this is all wrong.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
Ohh fighter.
Ohh hell Jimmy.
Ohh look at that.
Ohh no you've been defaced. Luckily I have an almost unlimited supply of fresh posters.
Ohh nut.
Ohh youthless.
Ohh, relax, that wasn't spherical.
Ohh, so scary.
OK, here's the miss.
OK, OK. It's 1138.
Oops, an accident.
Ouch! My bicycle!
Perhaps I was too hasty.
Perhaps we can discuss this.
Perhaps you can help me.
Please don't make me soil my pants.
Please stop.
Pull back. There's too many of them.
Radius norvegicus.
Received in full.
Ride with super.
Say down.
Send in the Marines.
So dethroned.
So long.
So they think I'm just all talk, do they?
So true.
Someday I shall punish those greasers.
Someone covered you up, Mandy, don't worry, I have a fresh poster.
Stop it.
Stop running and faith me.
Stop that offense.
Such embarrassment.
Such insanity.
Take care or faith my wrath.
Take cover.
Take that, human trash.
Take the dirt.
Take this.
Teach him a lesson.
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That fellow, thou suffer.
That is so pathetic.
That is what people look up to.
That ride with so scary.
That the van itary.
That was uncalled for.
That's a load of rubbish.
That's enough.
That's enough.
That's horrendous.
That's my jam.
That's not so nice.
That's so stupid.
That's the stuff.
That's the theme.
That's the way the cookie crumbles.
That's what pathetic.
The bigger they come, the harder they fall.
The emperor hath new clothes, I think.
The spaghetti in the cafeteria makes me sick.
The threat of light times the speed of a flying spaceship impossible.
There are two sides to every story you know.
There. What's your reputation has been destroyed. Perhaps she'll date us commoners.
There's too many abandoned this barricade retreat.
They took it from me and now I feel like crying. Please get it back.
This goose is cooked. See ya.
This hand can crush you mentally.
This is not bumper cars.
This is ridiculous. I'm beating a hasty retreat, Jimmy.
This is so outrageous.
This planet is too small for my copious greatness.
This smell is too much.
This time I am furious. I'm gonna kick your ass.
Thob faith.