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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah, I got some of that burning hatred out of my system. Here's your cash. Now scram.
Ain't nobody making a fool of Johnny Vincent
Ain't nothing crazy about what I did and you know it. You would have done the same.
All right, boys. Good work. I got him where I.
All right, Jimmy, you won. Well, of course my bike wasn't tuned right. I'm gonna head to the shop and do some work on.
All right, kid, I'll tell you how it is.
All right, kids, show some speed.
Alright Jimmy, you're the boss. Sorry, I forgot.
Alright kid, you got the doors? Let's go.
Alright, I give. She's yours.
Alright, I'll let you go this time.
And don't make me hurt you.
And look where you're going.
And that's the wrong way, man.
And what are you waiting for?
And where you going?
And where you running off too, man?
And you were just lucky, kid.
And you won't know what hit you, kid.
And you're lucky you're ugly to begin with.
Anything you say, Jimmy, just don't tell.
Are you looking for trouble?
Are you trying to be tough or something?
At that ain't funny.
Boys, over here.
But don't touch the jacket.
But who did that?
Bye, bye.
Careful now.
Come on, I'm dying here. Could you get the pictures?
Come on, Jimmy.
Come on, kick his ass.
Come on, kid.
Come on, we know you know where he is.
Come on, we're leaving.
Could I get a little help here?
Did you just throw a rat at me?
Do you know who I am?
Don't be pissing me off.
Don't make me kick your butt.
Don't talk trash about Lola.
Don't try to be tough.
Enjoy the victory while it lasts.
For you.
Get an orderly uniform from the laundry room.
Get lost. This ain't none of your business.
Get outta here, kid.
Guys, give me some back.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha haa.
Hey Jimmy, got a second?
Hey Jimmy, my man, can you help me out?
Hey, how's it hanging?
Hey, it's been fun, Jimmy, but Lola's waiting for me.
Hey, Jimmy.
Hey, kid.
Hey, layoff my friend.
Hey, ma.
Hey, quit playing around.
Hey, why you even gotta try?
Hey, you want that? I should kick your butt.
Hi Jimmy kid, I got a jet soon.
How do you like that?
I ain't bothering with you.
I didn't ask you to come here.
I don't know. At the school. Go and check there and when you find them, don't lose sight of him.
I don't like it and I don't think my boys will either.
I guess I better go outside.
I hope Lola didn't see that.
I knew it. I just knew.
I love her. That's not crazy.
I need to work on my bike.
I need your help kid.
I swear that guy was looking at her.
I think I might have broke some.
I told you not to mess with me.
I told you to get some pictures, Jimmy. Pictures.
I wasn't really trying, you know.
I wonder what Lola's doing right now.
I'll get you next time.
I'll show you. I'll show everybody.
I'll teach you to laugh at me.
I'm coming for you later.
I'm coming for you, kid.
I'm coming for you.
I'm free, you wankers.
I'm gonna break your face.
I'm Johnny Vince.
I'm just toying with you.
I'm not crazy. Let me out, you pigs.
I'm off. Don't wanna keep Lola wait.
I'm still gonna beat you.
I'm thinking of kicking your butt.
I've been looking forward to this a long time.
Is that supposed to be cool?
It just don't make any sense.
It's been cool, kid, but I'm out of.
It's gonna cause a lot of trouble if something ain't done about.
It's just a scratch.
It's making me real angry.
It's pretty easy, but it needs done.
Jimmy, I'm hurting here.
Jimmy, lay off.
Jimmy, my man, what's up?
Jimmy, the fun's over here.
Jimmy, you gotta Get Me Out of here.
Johnny Vincent and his boys win, again.
Just get out of here.
Just relax, kid.
Keep trying, kids. Maybe you'll get us next time.
Lola, please come find me.
Move it, kid.
My face.
My name is Johnny Vince.
Nicely done, kid.
No sweat, Jimmy, I got.
No time to talk. I need you to follow God and take pictures of anything he might do with Lola.
No, I'll enjoy the workout. Just make sure he doesn't interfere.
No, this is gonna be fun.
Now why should I care?
Now you're making me angry.
Ohh Jimmy, you you saw us. Please don't tell Lola.
Ohh man ohh.
Ohh, you took down Johnny Vince.
Over here, man.
Phew I should quit smoking.
Right in the face.
Sam, can you open these doors from the other side?
See ya.
Shut up, Gary. You guys get algae and bring him to me at the clubhouse.
Shut up, Jimmy. You left us and everything went down the toilet.
Some of the local kids said they'd gotten together with Lola. I went a little crazy.
Stop being a jerk.
Thanks for getting me kid, and let's go out the back way. Follow me.
Thanks for getting me out, Jimmy.
Thanks Jimmy. You're alright, you know.
Thanks, Jimmy. You're a good kid, you know. Here's your money. See you around.
Thanks, kid.
That didn't hurt at all.
That's just not cool, you know?
That's pretty flash.
The dropouts set me up.
They keep it up and you might get to hang with my boys.
This white kid.
Waaa waaa waa.
Watch out, Jimmy.
We gotta teach him not to mess with John.
We'll get you. You just wait.
We're gonna break you.
Well, hello gord. Seems like you've been messing where you ought not.
What the?
What you trying to get lost?
What, you wanna rumble?
What's wrong with you, kid?
When I'm finished beating you up, going home, the Lola.
Where do you get the?
Where's algae you walking bean pole?
Whoa man.
Whoa ohh that reeks.
Whoa, cool.
Whoa, what's that?
Why are you kids even bothering?
Why do you have to be that way, Lola?
Woo. That's right, boys.
Wrong way, kid.
Yeah, my woman. Now you pay.
Yeah, pictures, but they're for my eyes only.
Yeah, sure. You won. Whatever.
Yeah. Anyway, so I gotta find Lola, see if it's true or not. See ya.
You ain't nothing but a washed out reject.
You ain't nothing special.
You are nothing.
You better keep running, kid.
You better not have been talking about Lola.
You better scram before you get.
You better start run.
You can't handle.
You can't keep me locked up. I didn't do nothing wrong.
You don't know nothing, sporty boy.
You don't wanna be messing with Johnny.
You got a lot of payback coming.
You got no chance against Johnny and his boys.
You got no chance against Johnny Vincent.
You gotta get into the control room to open the door.
You gotta jet. Take it easy, bro.
You guys take care of this pathetic excuse for a human being.
You guys, you take care of these two losers.
You know you ought to be running now, nerd boy.
You know you're gonna lose, kid.
You maggot.
You never had a chance, kid.
You never should have touched her.
You shouldn't have done that.
You suck.
You think that's funny?
You think you can challenge me?
You'll learn to keep your hands off my girl.
You're all right.
You're lucky, Jimmy. I'll kick your ass later.
You're not done. Get me those pictures.
You're nothing but dirt, Jimmy.
You're really pissing me off, kid.
You're trying too hard.