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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A jerk.
A stain. It's called a shower.
Ah, crud.
Ah, screw it. Maybe another time slot?
Ah, that was just embarrassing.
Ah, this is just the worst.
All the crap. Those things are amazing.
Alright, listen up because I got the details.
And you're surprised why exactly?
Big deal.
Careful now.
Check it out, the dork wants people to kick.
Check this out freak.
Come on Boo, you can do.
Come on now, do you really want to do this?
Come on now. You know you don't stand a chance.
Come on, do your little dance.
Come on, don't be a wimp.
Come on, Jim, this way.
Come on, show some heart, you wimp.
Come on, turn it up.
Damn it all to hell. I feel like a piece of dirt right now.
Damn it, he's been training or something.
Damn it, why can't you just leave me alone?
Dance for me, boy.
Did you think the world would just hand itself to you on a silver plate?
Don't do this, you'll regret.
Don't even start with me, Hopkins.
Don't mess around, Archie. Stick to your own.
Don't mess with Mandy. She's our girl.
Don't you dare get your stink on me.
Ever strapped a pack of cherry bombs to AR?
Every dog has his day, huh, Jim?
Feels like I'll never get out of Bulwa.
Freaking Hopkins, man.
Freaking right? Yes. Yes. Yes.
Funny and sad at the same time.
Get a life slack.
Give me the money or you'll lose a whole lot more than your lunch.
Go on, hit.
Go on, you schmuck.
Good to see you, Jim.
Got a present for you, squirt?
Gotta remember to talk to coach.
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha, lay them out.
Have you ever been to the funhouse? It's wicked. You gotta go.
Hello Sir.
Hello. Anybody there?
Here take this.
Hey do you need some help or something?
Hey Jim, you know, ah, forget it. Tell you later.
Hey pal, you got something stuck to your head?
Hey there, excuse me.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, did you get? Never mind.
Hey, how's it go?
Hey, I ain't playing around.
Hey, I bruise really easy, so go easy if you're gonna you know.
Hey, I really don't want any trouble, OK? Just go. Please go. Leave me alone.
Hey, I'm on your side, Hopkins.
Hey, it'll all work itself out in the end.
Hey, someone get my back.
Hey, sweetness.
Hey, turn it back on.
Hey, where did everybody go?
Hey, you ever try out the big squid over at the car?
Hey, you're not the only one in the world, you know.
Hi there.
Hmm, this might be cool.
Hope she calls me. Hope she calls.
Hopkins is a cheat and a rat, and he's gonna get what's coming to him.
Hopkins is a crafty little snot. He's hanging with both preps and greasers.
Hopkins, get over here. I'm the leader here.
Hopkins, you're a lucky son of a damn you, Hopkins.
How are we supposed to get up there?
Huh. This ain't cool.
Huh. Well, I guess if you think.
Huh. Wonder what that is?
I am the greatest, yeah.
I bet I could do that.
I can't believe I failed English. The teachers all liquored up and I still choke.
I can't believe this. I thought I was cool.
I can't get over it. It's all I think about and it's honestly tearing me up.
I can't wait to hit that carnival that's in town. It's gonna rule.
I could be QB, I know I could.
I could go all day.
I don't have time for this. Just watch yourself.
I don't know about this stuff.
I don't know. I can't count that.
I don't like this at all.
I don't need this BS from you.
I don't think so.
I got a whole lot more than.
I gotta get out of.
I I've got money. I look like I don't, but I do. Come on, please just don't hurt.
I knew I could do it. I knew.
I know I can hit harder than that next time.
I know they did it and I can prove it to you.
I know where to go. Come on.
I must have that bike.
I need to work on my arm if I'm ever gonna make QB.
I need you to bring her here, but don't tell anybody or you're dead. Understood?
I need you to bring her here, but don't tell anybody or you're dead. Understood?
I really, really do not want to get hurt today.
I saw some of the teachers smoking the other day. What kind of example are they trying to set?
I saw the little runt doing it.
I should call the folks to.
I should have had that pass, Dan.
I wish I could have said goodbye one last time. I miss her. She was the best damn pet a guy could have.
I won't forget this.
I won't take this lying down, you know.
I'm getting one of those for sure.
I'm gonna enjoy rearranging your face.
I'm gonna kill the bass.
I'm gonna pummel you.
I'm gonna try out for QB next year, I've decided.
I'm gonna wipe you all over the concrete.
I'm in no mood for you.
I'm in trouble, boys.
I'm just gonna have to give 130 next time 130, that's all.
I'm sorry, but I need your vehicle.
I'm through gym. Fight your own fight.
I'm warning you.
If I don't get to be QB, I might switch schools. The jacks here are so annoying sometimes.
It went did you lose this?
It's a massacre.
It's like the place is haunted or something.
It's stuck.
It's your turn to back me up, Hopkins.
Jerk. You leave Mandy alone.
Jim, I need a favor from.
Jim, Jim, they jumped me. Help me out.
Jim, you know. Ah, screw it.
Jimmy, don't cross that line. Not now, man.
Keep running and I'll keep getting more piss.
Let's go get something to drink.
Look around. This could all be gone in a flash pop.
Look at me. I'm helpless. Just go, OK?
Look, you don't want trouble for me.
Looks like you got a rat stuck to your head.
Ma'am, good to see.
Man, I think the nerds still have those pictures of man.
Man, I'm so glad I'm not you.
Man, she was nice.
Man, this is more confusing than math class.
Man, this itch won't stop.
Man, you shouldn't have touched the ball.
Man, you're so cool.
Maybe I had the wrong idea about the Hopkins kid. Maybe. But maybe not.
Maybe what we need is a new damn team.
Maybe you need to go practice.
Me and you, let's go.
My arms getting better, that's for sure.
My dad told me he used to go to school with the kid who had four hands but no feet.
My old man has a hat like that. You got class, kid.
My old man says he thinks I'm the best QB he's seen since 86.
Nah, sorry.
No, no. OK, look, I can get you things. Anything you want, please.
Not a chance.
Not now. I'm too young.
Not so hot now, are you, Hopkins? Maybe now you'll stay down where you belong.
Now I'm going to need your help, Hopkins.
Now that is a killer shirt.
Now what the hell would you think?
Now you're all dead food fight.
O you ever been deer hunting with your old man?
Oh my God, is that piss? Are you pissing yourself?
Oh no, he's in trouble.
Oh, oh, I gotta get outta here. Ohh.
Ohh damn I don't know if I can handle this.
Ohh God that's just wrong.
Ohh man it's lock.
Ohh man, not that why that. I love that now it's all gone.
Ohh no my children ohh.
Ohh no.
Ohh what is that stench?
Ohh yeah maybe you wanna taste my fist smart guy.
Ohh yeah, doesn't bother.
Ohh yeah, tons.
Ohh you know it just makes me so damn mad.
Ohh, accidents happen.
Ohh, I love having a good time.
Ohh. I.
OK, Mr. King of all hills.
OK, so here's how it goes.
One more and I'll make you wish you never showed your face and bulwark.
Oops, I'm sorry.
Open your eyes.
Recognize this?
Remember this for next time and it'll be a whole lot easier.
Right on. Yeah, that's the way.
Say goodbye to those beautiful teeth you've.
See a friend.
Show yourself.
Sierra new punk, huh? Well, don't think anyone's gonna go easy on you.
So awesome.
So long.
Sometimes being a jock can really suck. They're just such a holes.
Son of a.
Start explaining, you little prick.
Stop destroying that. It's not yours to ruin.
Study all the other way, bookworm.
Sweet threads.
Talk to you.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks pal, I owe you 1.
Thanks, Jim. I appreciate it, bro.
That Gary Smith guy is chumming around with some new guy. I don't know what that's.
That Hopkins is turning into a real problem. I may just have to give the creep a piece of my mind.
That is just disgusting.
That was awesome.
That was just horrible.
That was rad, bro.
That's just pathetic.
That's just wrong. You're ruining public property.
That's wicked.
The good thing about this school the teachers really do care about us.
The look on your face. Classic.
There's something wrong when a man who's supposed to be teaching us about novels and poems is in a madhouse.
They won't get away with this.
This is like a nightmare something.
This is not at all what I thought it would be.
This is the best.
This is the end for you.
This place can't be safe.
Those remind me something a hobo would wear.
Treading on thin ice Hopkins.
Wait, wait, wait. I'll get you anything you want. Money, women, anything.