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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
A fat kid can only take so much.
Ah, Gary.
Ah, that stinks worse than me.
Alert Barbarians at the gate.
Alien scum.
Amazingly magnificent.
And does not making Sloppy Joes anymore. Yeah, I know.
And then the cafeteria always has some, but I can never get it from her. She's so greedy.
And thus our transaction concludes.
Another crushing blow for fatty.
Are you alright? Huh.
Are you serious? Whoa.
Boom, boom, boom.
Can we just play grottos and gremlins?
Come on, I just ate.
Come on, it's OK to be a loser.
Come on, let's hug it out.
Could you help me Jimmy please?
Don't do that.
Don't give up Ernest.
Don't hurt each other.
Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like it if you made me angry.
Don't mess with the best.
Don't mess with Zartonk the mighty.
Don't push my buttons, bucko.
Don't worry, I'll get him.
Down with homework.
Eat stink bomb, you trollops.
Farf knocker.
Fatty has arrived.
Feel my wrath, peasant.
Fellow warriors, heed my call.
Fired Gary is walking around school and in disguise.
Fired, Lola made out with two boys. Yeah.
Fudge blaster.
Get away. You're draining my popularity.
Get lost, Neanderthal.
Get out of here, Jimmy.
Give him a chance.
Give me back my bike.
Give me chocolate. That's our deal.
Go create a sticky situation on the team benches. Get it? Sticky situation.
Go jump in a lake.
Gouge my eyes out with a spoon.
Greetings and salutations.
Greetings comrades.
Greetings edgy antihero.
Ha ha ha. Very funny.
Ha ha ha. Wanna buy this, Jimmy?
Hailing frequencies open.
Hazar hazar.
He's at the observatory, but don't tell him I told you.
He's got my bike.
Headlock. Headlock.
Hello Sir.
Help me.
Help rats are falling from the sky.
Help. I'm being beset by an economic redistributor.
Here is my task, brave knight.
Here, take this glue bottle. It's full of glue.
Hey, come on, play fair.
Hey, fight fair.
Hey, I thought we were brother Warriors.
Hey, I was just joking.
Hey, is that doctor Watts with Edna?
Hey, laser Vikings is coming on.
Hey, slow down.
Hey, what gives?
Hi, Jimmy.
Huh. What?
I already washed my face today. Please.
I am ashamed to be a bulworth student.
I am sore. Talk the invincible.
I ate chili today. I'm on fire.
I can't be treated like this.
I can't believe we did it.
I can't complain. The water tasted like lemonade.
I can't do anything right.
I could suck in my gut only so far.
I don't care what they say, you were always cool in my book.
I don't feel too good.
I don't talk to orcs, OK?
I don't think so.
I entrust this to you.
I feel like a champion.
I got a plan, Jimmy. Just watch the cheerleaders.
I got the strength of an ogre.
I gotta go. Jimmy Laser Vikings is on.
I gotta go. My butt itches.
I have so many years ahead of me. Don't do it.
I have wires for sale. Jimmy's interested.
I haven't eaten boogers in three days.
I hear Jimmy Hopkins burned his last school to the ground.
I hear Lola French kissed a boy.
I hear the carnival is going to have a mermaid this year. Can you believe it?
I heard Johnny Vincent needed to get a new nose.
I heard those rats tried to eat Mrs. Carvin.
I hunger for fish sticks.
I I'm a pisces. I'm sensitive.
I know you are, but what am I?
I need some comfort food.
I saw Russell smashed Donald Science project over his head.
I shall name thee.
I swallowed my puke.
I think I I think we've won.
I thought I was a good guy, Jimmy.
I will serve in return for a suitable reward.
I wish these pants were just one size bigger.
I wonder what that is.
I would look great with a mustache.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
I'm a perker. Don't mess with me.
I'm a sexy mountain of power.
I'm afraid your diplomacy skill is too low. We won't tell you.
I'm gonna die of embarrassment.
I'm gonna stick a bottle rocket in his pants. You just watch.
I'm indestructible rock.
I'm President of the laser Viking fan.
I'm scared. Let's get out of here, algae.
I'm still better at chemistry.
I'm tired, I'm upset and I'm hungry.
I've gone from an obese to a Husky.
If I had my broadsword on me.
Intelligence reigned supreme.
It made me play shirts and skins. I was skins.
It's go time.
It's hard to get around.
It's not fair.
It's time to take action.
Jimmy, I need your help.
Jimmy, my tummy is growling.
Jimmy, over here.
Jimmy, this way.
Jimmy, why are you hitting me?
Just wedging me and get it over with.
Keep on trucking, man.
Kneel before fatty.
Kremlin thief? Kremlin thief?
Last summer at Fat Camp, I made out with a horse.
Layoff who was that?
Mandy says if I lose 80 pounds, she won't puke when she sees me.
Maybe next time, right?
Miss Danver said Mr. Galloway is a boozehound.
Mr. Bucket had to go to a dentist convention.
My bad, sorry.
My brain is tongue tied.
My breasts are bigger than ednas.
My butt itches.
My esteem fall any lower.
My feelings are hurt.
My gallbladder.
My mom cuts my hair too.
My mom says the dropouts are all smoking. Wacky. Tobacky.
My mom still thinks I'm a winner.
My mom told me Husky means handsome.
My parents won't let me.
My tender soul crushed.
My whole life flashed before my eyes.
Never doing aerobics again. Never.
Never. Milk of the Brood will never allow it.
No fair. I can't run fast.
No purple nurples, please.
No way.
No, my faithful steed.
No, no, no. Wrong way, wrong way.
No, please no.
No, you don't wanna go that way. Trust me.
Now the girls will love me.
Of course I can.
Official game master business.
Oh, hi Gary. How's it going?
Ohh fatty, what have you gotten yourself into?
Ohh help.
Ohh how rebellious of you Jimmy.
Ohh I feel something coming up.
Ohh please don't puke. Please don't puke. Please don't puke.
Ohh yeah well OK then.
Ohh yeah, so mature.
Ohh yummy. Thanks. Here your stink bombs. I made them myself, you know.
Ohh, I lost my appetite.
Ohh, lovely weather we're having.
Ohh, shouldn't have stuck that candy bar.
Ohh, we'll be best friends forever.
Ohh, you're gonna get in trouble.
OK, if you hook me up with some chocolate first.
OK, OK, I think he's over by the front of the school.
OK, OK, it's not the end of the world.
OK, this is what I need.
Or do you will have foul villain?
Pardon me?
Pea brain.
Please help us Jimmy.
Please no my legacy.
Please think of my dignity.
Please, I don't want trouble.
Please, I have nervous bowels.
Please, it's dark down there.
Pretty muffin fungus.
Remember the code of the warrior.
See ya.
Shove it.
Skinny doofus.
Snack time. See ya.
Snots not supposed to be blue, right?
So like then I roll a natural 20 and kill the dragon in one blow with my 4.