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NSFW Audio: Use caution, some sounds may be offensive
Aaa!!! Caught you!!!
Alright 2xs enough
Alright 3x, I'll see if I can get that arranged the
Are you OK now, Cruella?
Can I 2xs,can I have some courtesy here
Cause he's a low life scumbag
Don't know 2xs who the hell invited her here, though
Don't know who the hell is this person
Dumbass in here, I swear to
Focus on me, Guys!
He's doing his own thing right now... (Quinton)
Hello, can anyone hear me? Is my voice transmitting?
Hey, Gregg....
Honestly, rhat one sucked!
I don't know,really
I suppose...
I'm just not in a joking mood, everyone just killed it for me,
I'm not gonna be doing this for no reason, So....
I'm not using any soundboard
I'm thinking, OK? Give me a moment.
I'm...I'm not playin'
If she 2xs one of those basic bitch
If you guys are gonna be this fucking stupid, imm just end it...
Issa 2x, dude, who just has a hard on of picking ob me so much!
Just calm the hell 2xs down!!
Let me,let me get into the mood for it, ok? (Long vape hit)
No homo
Oh My Fucking
Ohhh Jessica, Jessica,
Ok, Alright so be
Ok, what exactly happened??
Quinton is not really the singing type,ok?
See this why I don't like doin' streams.....
Sighhhh #1
There ya go, I got it as open as I can get it for ya baby
There's my butthole right there, baby. Right there for ya!
This better not be 2x, who I think it is!!
Uh, Nooo.... shut
Uuhhh, Okayyy?!
Uuuhhh, hold on....
Vape hit (short)
Well I'm thinking of something, ok? Gimme a n
Well, I'm not taking NO for an answer now...
What is it,
Why did cheese turn out the way he is? I don't get
Wrong #, you
Yeah your not gonna get past me,
Yeah, I already know that...
Yeah, only crazy people do that!!
Yeah?! So what?!
YES! (Irritated)
You need to get unconfused
You...Dude you are delusional!
You're a dumbass,