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Kathleen Madigan Soundboard

Kathleen Madigan Soundboard

Kathleen Madigan is an American comedian and TV personality. She is a regular guest on a variety of U.S. television programs. Her stand-up comedy performances are also a regular feature on U.N. television shows.
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Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Air, air. Invalid information invalid information. Rephrase question rephrase question. Check age check age, check age. Was that the way brother think about it, Pat? The only people that we know th...
And that's just because they don't know yet. Yes, they like ****, but they when they had a bud light, they don't know.
Because in the South here they'll go ohh. Are you Christian? I go, yeah, I'm Catholic. Ohh well we're Christian. Ohh. OK. I thought we said the same thing, but I guess not.
He's got 4 kids. He informed me that he's going to homeschool them. I'm like, what is wrong with you? How much energy would that take if those are my kids? Every day I just would like, ohh, it's a ...
I took all those, all my nephews. I see all those Harry Potter movies. I really liked them. I didn't even think I'd care. But I was with these kids are so critical because they've all read all the ...
Just one tweet away from winning.
Look, here's a tweet. The British are coming. The British are coming. Oht. There you go. Do you need to know anything more? No, you don't. No need to know anything more than that. Heads up, Nagasak...
My kids would be so uneducated they end up like those Appalachian kids you see on those PBS documentaries.
Right. I would skate around just to chop off his finger. I would, and I would not feel bad about that, ever. I'm like, there you go now when you're not in your cereal spoon in the morning.
Standing there in apparel overalls, all filthy and pissed off, holding a shotgun and a dead squirrel.
There's been a silent assignment. You could speak to Jesus's mother if you'd like to. You can give Mary a shout, but you are not bother.
We believe him that at age 65 in his life he had never had a drink, a drug, a cigarette or cigar ever. As an Irish Catholic, that sentence couldn't even go in my head. I just air, air.
Well the weather's been really good too because I was just in Phoenix for two weeks. My brother moved there. We are originally from the middle of the country. I do not get the desert. He loves it. ...
Yeah. See that clock? It says 1130. That's me under the cover.