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Alexis Jordan Soundboard

Alexis Jordan Soundboard

The exposure led Jordan to the attention of Stargate and Jay Z, who both went on to sign her to their joint label, StarRoc. Jordan also featured on Sean Paul's single "Got 2 Luv U", which reached number one in Switzerland and Bulgaria.
See also: Happiness (Alexis Jordan song), Alexis Jordan (album), Alexis Jordan (disambiguation), Alexis Jordan discography, Alexis (given name), and Jordan (name).

And everything is really great.
And here's a great song and everyone can dance to it.
And maybe one day we'll see.
But I love the tune and I love how it's really catchy.
Ha Ha Ha Ha
Hi, this is Alexis Jordan and you're watching drop out
I actually got discovered off of YouTube.
I am very single.
I even had this keychain this me and my sister.
I feel like there's not that many role models.
I know I can be a good, good girl and no one can be a good, good girl. I know I can be a good.
I love that one. I'm glad you liked it.
I love the music.
I try.
I'm good. How are you?
In time.
It's really exciting for me because every single song is different.
Keep doing what I'm doing and keep staying focused, mainly.
Mmmmm Alexis Jordan
Nothing is like happiness.
Singer, dancer, songwriter and actress.
So this one is finding love within yourself.
They lose themselves when they fall in love and they forget who they are.
Yes, it's so funny.