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Roshtein Soundboard

Roshtein Soundboard

Roshtein sounds to play and download.

All right, five years, take one. Wow, five years already. Are we sure it's five years? Feels like 51 years?
Get 353535353530.
Great. Everything. It's over for me. It's over for me.
I am thankful to be here with you, celebrating my 5 year anniversary with thousands of people all around the world watching something that I thought would never be possible.
I want to salute everyone. I want to salute everyone and thank you for making this possible.
If I if I'm that punk, if I'm that pug, this is how it went. What? Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep.
No. Oh, oh. Ohh nice.
No. What? Yeah, nice little Peter, Peter Price. Beat the price?
Oh my God. This.
Ohh nice position. Nice position. Come on just to the right there. Ohh perfect. I'm at Farm on ice. No. Hey, hey go, go right. Yes, yes please double, double double double no, no.
Ohh, that is beautiful. That is beautiful.
Ohh, that's what I do. That's what I do.
There's no I want you to see how it is to be a streamer. I'm not gonna hide the fact that even a streamer that's shooting for 11 hours can be tired. You're watching. This is the reality.
Very well. How the hell does that even happen? How the hell does that even happen? That's not even the law of physics. How the hell does? How the hell do you drop like that?
We'll get this one, get this one, get this one. Yo-yo yo-yo save save. Look at that save.
What I do make your decision. Green. Yellow. Big Johnson is yellow. Big John said yellow.
What? What? At least return our bets? What the hell is that?
Yes ohh yes ohh yes ohh yes ohh yes ohh yes.
You got your eyes. You seem low and then energy. I mean, I'm, I'm quite tired now, I have to say. But I wanna be, you know, good sportsman. And I would I wanna entertain. But I'm, I'm, I'm quite ti...