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Amber Heard Soundboard

Amber Heard Soundboard

The judge ruled that Heard owed $10.35 million to Johnny Depp and that Depp owed Heard $2 million. Heard settled with Depp, with their lawyers saying Depp would receive $1 million in full settlement. In 2015, Heard filed a restraining order against Depp,. accusing him of physical abuse.
See also: Depp v. Heard, Johnny Depp, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Tasya van Ree, Depp v News Group Newspapers Ltd, and Camille Vasquez.

A beautiful concept.
Can't say that you carried cocaine in that box, no, but it looks like it would fit some cocaine. Myself.
I cleaned up after him.
I did start a physical fight.
I don't believe I've seen that picture, admitted.
I have the right to tell my story.
I hope to get my voice back.
I used to be respected. People took me at my word. Then I became a lawyer representing Amber Heard injection here, say, Oh my God, I don't have a case objection here say now I'm ashamed to show my ...
I was afraid.
I will write to my voice in my name.
It's all they want.
It's really distracting.
Mr. Depp, at this time, how many other franchise films have you been a part of? Alice Alice in Wonderland? Boy. What was the question again? How many, how many order in the court or I will have you...
My dog stepped on a bee.
Ohh yeah, bring it.
The the bed was human fecal matter. It was so bizarre. And so grotesque one of you.
What, if anything, did you hear? Miss Heard say about Mr. Depp's physical appearance. She called him an old fat man.
Why? Why would your want to do business with you? They're about class and they're about style, and you don't have style. You know, so.