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Esteban Ocon Soundboard

Esteban Ocon Soundboard

Esteban José Jean-Pierre Ocon-Khelfane is a French racing driver who competes for Alpine in Formula One. He took his maiden Formula One podium at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix and maiden victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix.
See also: Alpine F1 Team, Ocon, 2014 FIA Formula 3 European Championship, Mercedes Junior Team, Alpine A521, and Force India.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
A week. So if anyone has an idea on how to not get fogged with the mask with the sunglasses, they need to let me know because I still didn't find the way.
Alias Pin a little blue yes, yes.
But you know, it's it's very enjoyable. I'm happy to be back here. It's always, there's always plenty of drama.
Don't push me. I'm gonna cry, Natalie.
Hard to swallow. The competitor inside me is is frustrated and very sad.
Hello Service Center for your help Mr. Monocan here.
I disagree. I think we missed out completely this race. There was a massive OK, just hold on the radio. Please hold it on the radio it. We'll talk about it in the office. Thank you. Now we have to,...
I love to be able to to sleep close to the track, so that's my view in the morning.
I think I was a bit slow in turn 3.
Is that a a stomach sickness or something flabbergasted?
It's going to be extremely tough I think, looking at how the the layout.
It's great, that squirrel.
My favorite type of of cheese is not camembert, although it's called Camembert or it tastes like a camembert but not very strong.
Sadly it's, it's going, it's going quite well and I think we've we've progressed quite nicely all the way through through the season.
Still that I'm I'm in a very good position at the moment and and I definitely will be ready.
The bathroom it's it's like a five star hotel.
To race harder and then hopefully for us to to entertain more of the fans.
Yeah. What?