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But one of the things people will say is I hit my, I hit my wedge, you know, 120. Well, you might hit a 120 under certain conditions, but in the morning, ball's not gonna go 120. Maybe in the after...
Does it sting not to win or do you just take the positive that this week a little bit of both? You want me to elaborate?
He came out of a wave in Hawaii with Kate Hudson under your arm. I want to hear about that.
Hit Bombs #golf
Hitting Bombs #phil being phil #golf
I have to have the ability to hit bombs. We talk about you gotta hit long out.
I wasn't out to end the streak. I don't want to be the bad guy here. I just wanted to win the tournament. You know? He could have waited till LA when I wasn't playing. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding.
I won't ever change. Not tomorrow, Sunday, or at Augusta or U.S. Open any tournament.
I'm clearly the worst selfie taker who takes a selfie and crops himself.
I'm the worst 3 amigos dancer, but Jimmy I could put.
If you beat me on his own play, well then there's not much I could do about. But I certainly wasn't gonna just hand it to him, even though it looked like I was.
It's kind of a funny deal, the the building got struck by lightning right above me and blew out a brick chimney and I guess caught fire a little bit. It was electric, yeah.
Obviously I love the play. My parents used to take my clubs away as punishment when I was little for not doing my chores and.
So I forgot the first part of your question.
So there's not a pin that I feel I can't get to or a tee shot that I feel uncomfortable with.
There's a lot more to winning than just, you know, hitting Bob.
There's a lot that I process on every shot and there's a lot of detail.
What is the lie going to do? What's the temperature? What's the wind? How do I want the ball coming into the grain?
Yeah, I haven't been called young in a long time, so you know, everybody out on tour calls me the old man.
Yeah, it's definitely a left-handed golf course. You know, if you look at the percentage of players that play left-handed in this field, it's what, 6%? And yet we are winning 4050% of the time. So ...
Yes, I I I recently got fired from that position. He needed some real help.