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After only two years ago, being on the verge of suicide and being as low as any man can go to being on the biggest stage in the world, would the world watching that any miracle on a turnaround and ...
AJ can't box you big old wooden top like this here. Looking for a big right hand on the left foot. He couldn't even do nothing with Joseph Parker and he's a very, very, very poor man. Tyson Fury. N...
And I thought to myself, if I can show the world that you can come back from it. And to get back in shape and get back to the top. Than anybody can do it.
Had a call from Gotham City. I'm here.
I don't write Hosack at all to be honest. Um, I don't write AJ. Never have. He's a blown up bodybuilder who can't box. We all know that.
I live in the moment because that's the only thing we have in our lives. Some moments, moments in time. And as soon as I've gone out of that door, we can never reverse back and and play it again.
I really don't know what I'd be depressed but. I know. I was just spiraling out of control. On the only thing I could think of to make it better go away for a bit was getting drunk, and that just l...
I'm a pro boxer. Either the best or I'm not. There is no in between. For me, I'm either the best fighter or not. I don't want to be #2 three or four, I want to be the best or prove me wrong.
Phil Dawson, he's a dossier dossier. That's all he is. You're a bunch of dossers.
Tasting blood #what was he just doing with his tongue right there #lick neck #lick blood #deontay wilder #tongue
Thank you America and God Bless you all! #thank you america #god bless america #independence day #tyson fury
The goal of tonight was to enjoy meself #night out #weekend #partying #enjoy meself #tyson fury
The king has returned #gypsy king #king is back #im back #reclaim my throne
This this shirt, it's called Animal Kingdom. The only animal it's not good on is a lion, because the lion is wearing it.
Today was a 10 eight round SO4 nil up. I mean in Diante Wilder's head, living there rent free. He's gonna think about me when he goes to bed. And when he wakes up in the morning, the only face he's...
Well, that's a little T thought too, but you know, sorties was 49 years old and had bad blood pressure.
What happened yesterday is history. I look forward to the future on a daily basis. I look for today and I don't know, I don't care what happened yesterday, I'm just going to keep going today and li...
When you lose control of your own mind. You're in a bad place.
Yes, hi. And now? He doesn't wanna fight. Sorry, let his mouth go. And now he's running scared like a little bitch what he is.
You can't go swimming and not get wet. And I got wet. I got drenched actually.
You can't, you big dosser. You big swinger was going to call you a plumber, but you know you're a big swinger.
You know, I was a little boy and I didn't know what this feeling was and used to feel horrible, terrible. I feel like I've been left behind or something was wrong and even know nothing was wrong. A...