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Ric Flair Soundboard

Ric Flair Soundboard

Flair is officially recognized by WWE as a 16-time world champion.
See also: Ric Flair Drip, Ric Flair's Last Match, Reid Flair, Charlotte Flair, David Flair, and Conrad Thompson.

All the share. Pay anything you want. Here's all the world check.
Best thing going today #ric flair #learn to love it #deal with it
Dirtiest player in the game #ric flair #dirtiest player in the game #wcw #champ #savage
Everybody needs to have something to live for each day. But you and reality are never, ever going to be able to say. You are the world champion.
Hello. Hello, Mike. This girls.
I deal with my opponents a little bit like I handle my love life. I make sure I leave a lasting impression.
I don't care what kind of shape you're in, I'm gonna knock your teeth back out the other side of your head. You understand that?
I love it. Diamonds are forever.
I'm gonna strangle you half to death! #wwe #wrestling
I'm gonna walk that out. Look at his old little nature. Boy can look. Ohh so fine.
I've been checking it for a long time, Tony, simply because I'm the best there is.
Rolex Wearing Diamond Ring Wearing..
That's what I do in the morning. Would I take 5 girls out of bed? I go woo and they go woo Woo Woo because they know they've been with the world champion.
They all wanna be who like the nature boy.
They were saying Rambo, who when Ric Flair walked by.
To be the man, you gotta beat the man #wwe #you got to beat the man #woo
Well, Rick Flair has been the man. As long as being the man was cool.
Woo! #woo #ric flair #pumped #excited #stoked #amped #wwe #exclaim
WOOO! #ric flair #nature boy #woo #wooo #wwe #wwf
Wooo! #ric flair #wooo #wwe
You got Rick Flynn, the captain of the team, behind you.
You gotta be. Hard. You gotta have it inside. You gotta feel like leverage. Please help me. My parents don't die for it.
You greased up musclehead punk. Then what are you gonna do? Lay on that couch and shrivel up? That's what happened. You'll be a Richard Simmons look alike.
You keep walking around that ring trying to tell the world you're me. You better go somewhere else for your clothes besides Kmart.
You know, it's hard for me to take my eyes off that monitor sometimes when I see myself on this nationally televised wrestling program, because I know. I know the gut reaction and the impact that I...
You worthless scumbag #worthless scumbag #ric flair promo #wcw nitro #insult #smacktalk
You're gonna be mine.
You're way too pretty. You're an untouched commodity in our sport. That means you have inflation, sweat and paid the price to be out here tracking on the world champion.
$15,000 Rolex #ric flair #nature boy #rich #birthday #wwe #wwf #wcw #nwo