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And I know when I was coming for, coming for a fight with a with a big strong, motivated pumped up got to take over the world and.
And I've never found a profile. So I I think I will be all these motherfuckers. Yes, but.
Because I was curious too, like I'm gonna get in a boxing ring and.
Do you wanna be worth, Nate? And what kind of money do you wanna make? More than everybody.
For sure.
Gonna hop up and recover a little bit.
He's gotta look out for that right leg. If Nate Diaz gets that right leg over, he's got it. He's going down. So look at the double fingers that have fully locked inside. Ohh, Nate Diaz by submissio...
I don't give a fuck.
I don't like him. I Make Love to you though, because I can't win.
I expect that with everybody.
I figured he would either have to. I don't like that guy.
I know what I think and I'm trying my whole career boxing with pro boxing on the highest level, highs I could get and done really well.
I learned. I learned a lot, and I and I watched a lot happen.
I would have a lot more knockouts on my record, but soon as they sing in, landed on, they start shooting. All of a sudden they're wrestler, so.
I’ve been a father for years, fatherin all kinds of these little motherf ckers #fathering #nate diaz #fatherhood #fathers day
Is there something that you're excited to be able to go and pick up now? Yeah, I'll probably buy some. A whole bunch of nice.
It's all good. I'm just kidding.
It's crazy because I went, I was out here in LA and I went to a club and like four days later and then everybody's coming up in the club. Like, hey, Justin Bieber's over there. He's over there in t...
My mom and my cousin said What's up my pop piece?
My whole team will fucking beat your whole team, Dash. How about that?
Native far as the fight itself with Leon, I mean stylistically, is it one that excites you, is the one that gets you pumped up for the challenge or is this just the business assignment? I know you ...
Nothing surprises me in this shit.
Now I know.
Ohh, Bieber walks up right now. You say what to it? Smack.
OK, this is our division. We're gonna beat your asses. That's what's up.
That's just what I think. What's going on? You feel for? It felt just like, well, what I'd imagine. And what was the question? Yeah, I'll fuck up everybody.
The Rock, too, man. That motherfucker over here playing me, See him over here smiling with Masvidal. Should have Mike Tyson handing out about if anybody. I didn't go by no belt anyway, but. He coul...
The Ultimate Fighter house sucked, man. I fucking don't recommend it to be honest with you.
There's also rumors that you might retire. Have you heard those? No, but that sounds interesting. I might do that.
Trying to kill always.
West side.
What was the question?
Yeah, Conor McGregor. You're taking everything I work for. I'm a fight you're now you know what's the real fight? What's the real money fight? It's me, not these clowns that you already pumped at t...
Yeah, I didn't. I didn't see that one. I.
Yeah, I feel like I'm just better and cooler than those guys. They don't want to fight them for. Pettis is cooler than both of them fight, fight wise, you know, I'm saying.
Yeah, I'll fuck up everybody.
Yeah, you tell me. I gotta rewatch the fight.
You guys caught me under under a bad, bad time. But you know, I'm saying the rock school. I like Ballers. I like Baller. You know, I'm saying, but he picked the wrong side. He picked another side s...
100%, yeah.