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Tugg Speedman Soundboard

Tugg Speedman Soundboard

Tropic Thunder is a 2008 satirical action comedy film directed by Ben Stiller. The film was green-lit in 2006 and produced by Stuart Cornfeld, Stiller, and Eric McLeod for Red Hour Productions and DreamWorks Pictures.
See also: Tugg, Tobey Maguire, Ben Stiller filmography, Oscar bait, Kenyu Horiuchi, and Mayur Vyas.

Everybody's obviously a little Bush from all this humping.
Hey, you want to get on the train here or you wanna ruin another take, huh?
I need you on my side, Kyle. Kevin. Good.
I'm gonna level with you, bro. I don't need to pee.
Lazarus. It's going to torpedo the movie.
Make my pee pee maker tingle.
Not from the peanut gallery.
Recently, Speedman opened up to Tyra. You have no real family. You're on the wrong side of 40. You're childless and alone. Somebody close to you said. One more flop and it's over. Somebody said the...
Smoke and mirrors, guys, welcome to the movie factory.
Stick with the program. We get this movie in the can. I'm thinking there could be a Teen Choice award in it for you. You have that potential. Not slime yet the whole deal.
That's the signal. Go, go, go.
That's the trailer right there.
When we put aside our differences, we see we're kind of the same. When we put aside our differences, we see. We're kind of the same. Let's be friends. I know we can do great things together.
Who left the fridge open?