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Al Fazzo skit dushman uski ako ke Samne nachte dance kar karke, ghar barke bechar eko satate.
But Jennie Saravanan bahaduri sissa. Pics of osnes Sona ugla. Terry Jasani Jane Sarah Chapa.
Correct Rajan, Albert Einstein genius Mahan scientist Justin Dunya kopani theory of relativity say.
Dosto. Augmentum, longue, kahani, suranga.
Ek ladka matbucha. What better you can eat batata Lakeshore bad usko Rehta Natha Yad KYX.
Fellow Gaggin Bechara, partner Likhne Ke Bojka Mara Lago.
He mixes up similarly spelled words so topic top becomes pot pot. Solid, solid becomes soiled, soiled. Why is he doing this? Is he dumb? Lazy.
I'm asking you what is problem is, but you're telling me his symptoms, you're telling me the child has fever. I know that. But the fever must have a cause. What does it cost?
In my opinion, he's having trouble recognizing alphabets.
In order to read and write the sound of alphabets, their shapes, the meaning of words, all this needs to be understood. This basic requirement Ishan is unable to fulfill.
In the mistakes that he makes, have you noticed any pattern? Any mistakes that he repeats?
Lichna Parna Thaka de Dau school dukore apne Sonata woke school.
Problem. His attitude? What else? Towards his studies, towards everything in life. He is mischievous, disobedient, rebellious. Doesn't listen to a word we.
Sometimes, along with dyslexia, children can have other problems as well. For instance. Difficulty in understanding multiple instructions. Turn to page 65, Chapter 9, Para 4, Line 2. Confusion.
That's a load of rubbish excuses to avoid studying.
That's because size, distance and speed. These three just cannot correlate. How big is the ball? How far is it? How fast is it approaching? Barami figures out. He's missed the bus.
The Brownian motion the photoelectric effect, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921.
There's difficulty in reading and writing. It's called dyslexia.
You can see a confusion between similar looking alphabets. And this S&R are both inverted. In fact a number of alphabets are inverted. Look hottt you see that? Mirror imaging.