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Cursing And Swearing Soundboard

Cursing And Swearing Soundboard

Profanity, also known as cursing, cussing, swearing, foul language, obscenities, expletives or vulgarism, is a socially offensive use of language. In its older, more literal sense, "profanity" refers to a lack of respect for things that are held to be sacred.
See also: Profanity in American Sign Language, Blasphemy law in the United States, Maledictology, Profane Swearing Act 1694, Kelpie, and Lawrence O'Donnell.

Warning: This soundboard may contain objectionable content, and is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
Ah shit, here we go again.
And we were toward redemption. You gotta go to church. Ohh shit.
Because you're not fucking listening to him. He's trying to fucking tell you. I've tried to tell you for two years about every fucking thing you don't fucking understand.
Bingo, bitches.
Can you fucking play your shit? Songs? Songs shut the fuck.
Can't tell my shoes, but I can fuck your bitch.
Catch a bitch.
Damn chin, some greasy shit.
Don't take this bullshit.
Fresh air.
Fuck off.
Fuck stop, you son of a bitch.
Fuck this shit. I'm out.
Fuck up, you crazy bitch whore.
Fucking Christ.
Fucking come and tell me yeah, cause I'll smash him over your fucking head.
Gatorade me bitch.
Get away from her, you bitch.
Get out the way. Get out the way, bitch. Get out the way. Move, bitch. Get out the way. Get out the way, bitch. Get out the way.
Girl, one fucking kid bitch. Nobody is bitch. That's you being like a fucking kid bitch. Make this shit lie. Make this shit go viral, bitch. We own this shit, 1K bitch. But you talking about bitch,...
God damn it.
Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch you're out here.
Holy Jesus.
Holy shit. Here, here, here.
I don't want your conversation to just be 1 long beep.
I looked it up. It's French for horseshit.
I play all my season. Watch sheep.
I suggest you stop whining like a little bitch and do what I say.
I was fucking this bitch.
I'm going to make Monday morning my bitch.
I've wanted to leave them on the counter bits.
If you're not beating me, don't fucking laugh.
Jesus Christ.
Let me just clarify one thing. I'm not lucky. I worked. I worked every God damn weekend at every holiday since I was 14 years old. So you can keep that luck shit in your pocket.
No, thought they'd beat thought there beats. Now. Could that be? Babies. Hello. Hello.
Oh shit. What is?
Ohh shit ohh shit.
Ohh shit, alright.
Ohh shit.
Ohio Hitler bits.
Roll me further, bitch.
Run bitch one.
Shut the fuck up, you cunt.
Shut your fucking mouth. Shut the fuck up, you cunt.
Son of a bitch.
The weather here is bullshit.
This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed. Bitch.
This is what you get with this fucking shit show, honestly.
Ugly bitches, no?
Wanna hear him bitching about it?
We fucking adore you.
We're putting that bitch on ice.
What do you little shits want? You want me to do a trick? There you go. I can press my head on the glass. Is that not good enough for you? You want me to try scare you? You reckon I can scare you?
What now, bitch?
What the fuck is that? What the fuck is it?
What the fuck, Richard?
What the fuck?
What the fucking hell are you, you great gangly fuck knuckle twat, greasy head, come back. Fuck you.
Where's my money, bitch?
Yeah, bitch magnets. Ohh.
Yeah, yeah. This is going to help big time with that bitch.
Yo tell me with this.
You gotta get off the bitch train and just pick one.
You know that smell. I smell a bitch.
You son of a bitch.
You're my free pass. Bitch.
Your mother's a bitch.