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Sea Of Thieves Soundboard

Sea Of Thieves Soundboard

Sea of Thieves is a 2018 action-adventure game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. It was one of the earliest first-party games released for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Rare departed from its reputation for secrecy during the game's development, inviting fans to test the early builds.
See also: Rare (company), Xbox Game Pass, Kevin McNally, Summit1g, The Longest Johns, and Quantum Break.

Bro, shoot at it!
Dude, there’s the Kraken!
Fire #fire #cannons #guns #multiplayer #funny #ships #ocean #island #big #captin
Hey buddy!
Holy fucking shit!
I hear someone, someone’s in the water!
I’ll keep that as a token
It’s captain’s chest!
Let’s literally all jump from the ship!
Load the cannons!
Now we kill the survivors
Oh, they're coming
Oh, we're dead
Stop you stupid fucking tentacle fuck!
There’s a galleon right on the other side!
This has to be our chance
Three, two, one, boom!
Wait, stop the ship!
We can do this!
We get the treasures
We’re getting Kraken’d, Kraken!