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Lucina Soundboard

Lucina Soundboard

Lucina, a main belt asteroid, is the goddess of childbirth in Roman mythology. Lucina is a clam genus in family Lucinidae, established by Bruguière in 1797. A character from the video game Fire Emblem Awakening also featured in the Super Smash Bros. series Lucina.
See also: Lučina, Lucina (mythology), Lúčina, Lucina (Fire Emblem), Lucina C. Broadwell, and 146 Lucina.

And I make bitches like you suffer
And they called you the radiant hero
Bell sound effect
Father I won
I cannot lose
I love action
Long scream
Narcissistic much
Pistol Shot Sound
The future is not written
This is the Hero king
Time to change fate
Weapon Gun Shot
What am I supposed to do here
You are mine
You never defeat me