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Planetside 1 Soundboard

Planetside 1 Soundboard

PlanetSide was a massively-multiplayer online first-person-shooter video game published by Sony Online Entertainment and released on May 20, 2003.
See also: PlanetSide 2, Terragen, PlanetSide, Daybreak Game Company, Blur Studio, and PS1.

Ambient branches 2
Ambient critter 3
Ambient lava bloop 8
Amp cap door open
Ams driver mount
Ams respawn tube deployed
ANT driver mount
ANT initiate silo transfer
Bullet impact flesh 3
Bullet impact hard 1
Bullet impact hard 3
Bullet impact liquid
Bullet impact wood 3
Default equipment dryfire
Droppod complete
Droppod deploy
Droppod heavy mount
Dropship driver mount
Dropship heavy mount
Dropship land
Droptube reload
Energy field
Equipment grenade frag equip
Equipment grenade frag explosion
Equipment grenade frag holster
Equipment grenade plasma explosion
Equipment jack successful
Equipment medical app
Equipment mine sweeper
Equipment mine sweeper holster
Equipment object small explosion
Equipment sensor activate
Explosion burster
Explosion console
Explosion decimator
Explosion rocket small
Explosion vehicle large
Facility garage door lg close
Female death 04
Female pain 2
Fp magcutter holster
Fp thumper nearmiss
Implant second wind use
Knife vs secondary
Lava splash
Lightgunship afterburner fire
Lightning bolt 2
Male jump 1
Manned turret gunner dismount
Movement brush 1
Panting female 5
Prowler gunner dismount
Quadassault throttle idle
Spitfire turret deploy
Three man heavy buggy driver mount
VAC male 2
VAM female 2
VDC female 1
VDE female
VDG male 2
VDV male 4
Vehicle land small firm
VNA female 3
VNP male 3
VRA male 1
VRC male 2
VRD male 5
Wind opening