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Myst Soundboard

Myst Soundboard

Myst helped drive adoption of the new CD-ROM format, spawned a multimedia franchise, and inspired clones, parodies, and new video game genres, as well as spin-off novels and other media. Myst is a graphic adventure/puzzle video game designed by the Miller brothers, Robyn and Rand.
See also: Myst (series), Riven, Myst III: Exile, Kristi Myst, Cyan Worlds, and Myst IV: Revelation.

Capturing picture sound effect
Elevator sound effect
Good bye
I could see the future was open before me
I had to let it fall from my grasp
I have a difficult choice to make
I hope you are into books
It was astonishing
My life was not set in stone by the ink on a page
Myst theme music
Opening door sound
Opening Myst book sound
Opening window sound effect
The book would not be destroyed as I had planned
Walking sound effect
Water sound effect
We meet face to face
Yes I am free
You are seeing the World from my point of view
You didn't bring the page
You lose