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Usagi Tsukino Soundboard

Usagi Tsukino Soundboard

Usagi Tsukino is the main protagonist and title character of the Sailor Moon manga series. As the protagonist, Usagi appears in every episode, film, video game, and television special of the anime adaptations, Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal.
See also: Usagi, Chibiusa, List of Sailor Moon characters, Sailor Moon, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (2003 TV series), and Sailor Moon (TV series).

All Of Us Had Agreed To Study
Come On It Wasn't All That Bad
Don't Call Me Names I'm Still Older Than you
He's The Ideal Man I've Always Been Searching For
Hey, I Am Home
How Come Your Ice cream Cone Is so Much Bigger Than Mine
I Am Telling You those Two Are Couple
I Don't Believe This
I Just Wanna Eat My Potatoes In Peace
I Wish That I Could Dance With Him Forever
Mind Your Own Business
Not Bad But Watch Me
So What I Don't Care
Sorry If I Scared You
They Look so Perfect Together
Usagi Crying SFX
What's He Doing Here?
Why Don't You Understand?
Yeah And I'll Be Right Behind You