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PrestonPlayz Soundboard

PrestonPlayz Soundboard

Envy Gaming, Inc was founded in 2007 by Tosh "Stainville" Mcgruder and Skyler "Foreplayy" Johnson as a Call of Duty esports team known as Team EnVyUs.
See also: 11th Streamy Awards, 2020 Kids' Choice Awards, YouTube Rewind, 10th Streamy Awards, All That (season 11), and 9th Streamy Awards.

Alright, so, lesson learned
Aw, man
Haha, What am I looking at? Wait a second!
How did I do it, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple
How did it feel being in the sticky situation, huh?
I come from Texas and we have southern hospitality
I'm sorry, but, you're just, I'm married!
I've definitely seen enough of Minecraft
I’m pretty sure if a bumblebee’s gust of wind me I’d die
Is that TNT? No, no! Hoo ho ho!
Last block, look at this gorgeous house, man!
No! How could you be so heartless?!
Oh, my worst nightmare! Oh dear, oh my God!
Oh, there we go
She could speak a little bit of Spanish
She’s kinda weird, but I mean, I’m kinda weird too
Village is so empty, there’s literally no villagers
Why is every villain always British?!
Ya know, I'm gonna be honest, I don't really like this
Yes, it must be tough being an idiot