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Billie Eilish Soundboard

Billie Eilish Soundboard

Billie Eilish is an American singer and songwriter who gained fame with her debut single "Ocean Eyes" in 2016. She has since released multiple hit albums and won several awards, including five Grammys.
See also: "Bad Guy", "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?", "Ocean Eyes" and "Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry" (documentary).

A genius! #genius #brilliant #smart #great idea #good idea #billy eilish
And it hurt, really.
Bad Guy #bad guy #im the bad guy #no good #evil #billy eilish
Because it's fun.
Dad, you didn't.
Do you could put all.
Don't be looking at me while I take a shit.
Dude, my belly button is so deep.
Dug it into me and.
Duh #duh #der #no shit #quelle surprise #obvs #obviously #billy eilish
Finish. Don't do that.
Fuck you. Bitch.
Fuck. Me.
I can't. I can. No, I really can't
I cannot do it.
I just wanna make you. Eat it.
I mean, like, I wish I was a slut whore. Like I wish I was fucking confident enough to be a slut whore. I'm just not. So, like it just doesn't make sense, bro.
I might just throw myself if I was my kid off a roof.
I want to be sad.
I'm flattered, really, but fuck you.
It's my brand, dumbass.
It's so fucking cross.
Laugh 4
Mmm you looking delicious.
Mom. I'm stuck in my headache.
Oh my God.
Thank you.
That's so irrelevant #not relevant #unrelated #nardwaur #billy eilish
They didn't duck and dug into it.
They're dead.
Too young for that #young #ok boomer #billy eilish
Touch my nipple.
Uh, that's.
Well, that ain't gonna happen, is it?
What do you want from me? #what do you want from me #how can i help you #what do you want #bury a friend #billy eilish
Yeah, fuck with it.
Yesterday #yesterday #happened yesterday #it was yesterday #oscars 2020 #billy eilish
You could put a whole carrot in there and you wouldn't even know.
あーあ。 ハハハ。