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EthGoesBOOM Soundboard

EthGoesBOOM Soundboard

A YouTube gamer who is known for his humorous vocal impressions. The channel features Five Nights at Freddy's-themed content, including voice acting videos, Let's Plays, reaction videos, skits, and other similar material.

A britisher Thomas was the only enemy but.
A pass atakor you'll walk through walls. Ohh that's so cool. Just move the blue slider to the right and you'll become as opaque. That means see through. Yeah, I kind of knew that as you want. Not o...
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Ah, got him.
Ah, great. Let's go team go. We're getting pretty close.
Ah, he keeps hiding from me just because I'm so big, strong and badass.
Ah, I missed. I hate those bucks. Why? Get him. Get him, get him.
Ah, yeah, take that. I'm just dominating all of you.
Alright then, so we got the second night now, but.
Alright, come on guys, we gotta capture that control point.
Alright, got to 5:00 AM. Let's see if we can beat this night, the British night, alright?
Alright, we're doing pretty good so far.
Alright. Hey, how you get back here, Scout? What do you think you're going?
And I promise you this time I will feast on your soul.
And I promise, this lullaby will be the last one that you ever hear.
And I'll see you guys. Whoa, what is that? Wow.
And I'll take you away from this awful nightmare and instead into a pitch black void. All you have to do is let me in, child.
And it feels so good to be back on such a wonderful day. I even brought a pumpkin to celebrate the occasion. I'm a pumpkin. Why? It's OK. The Kitty is still peeking around that door. They haven't l...
And see what the difference is between that and the American mode.
And the British version of five nights at Thomas's dehydrated.
And then maybe in the American, what he was called to Topham Hat, I can't really remember. I'm not an expert at Thomas the Tank Engine, but I think that's the way that it is. But yeah.
And we've got an American and British mode.
And welcome to let's play escaping the prison. Yeah, let's.
Anyway. Let's proceed with the game.
Are you kidding me? I feel great. Now I'm gonna go head off and say hi to everyone.
As I lay broken on the floor, you said all those other plushies were your friends.
At these finance and games.
Beg to the FAZ bear lids, please. Alright, let's see how many more times Thomas is gonna show up.
Bonnie, what are you doing on this server? I'm just playing some Team Fortress 2, bud.
But but why would he do that? Why, to dispose of the body, of course. Gas the bags of money in that bank and the witness knew would take a long time before the victim was found. But unfortunately f...
But I could take it away. Ohh yes.
But in the bag on the side of the road, we got out and eventually decided to throw the ball that happened in the first game. Didn't know what it was showing hidden in there. Objection.
But it's OK, guys. He didn't kill us.
But that does kind of depend on you guys. Do you guys want to see us play this full game? If you do, let us know in the comments below. OK, so I should be focusing on this game. I just made it to 3...
But there's one thing that's been bothering me. Was that a mistake? And it really was hiding in?
But what about me? Why didn't you let me be your friend?
But you have to be quiet, OK? The cops might hear you. Ohh no.
Bye, everyone. Yeah, harm 18.
Can you feel the heat?
Cell, door or window? Window.
Cheese. I guess I gotta do the chair.
Close the door, we deal with any Thomas the tank engines coming into this office.
Come on, come on, come on. Let's do it.
Come on. Come on, punks. I'm gonna take you all out. Haha.
Come on. Yes, we did it. Red team wins. Ha ha.
CR you cops are mean to go.
Doctors analysis security footage.
Don't think you can turn invisible. Ah, gotcha. Go, guys. Go, go, go.
Everyone's some other soon formation that you may be able to.
Expand the cold. Spam the color until it goes away. OK, he's gone. There we go. My singing got rid of him. OK, so yeah, this is slightly harder than the original game because in the original game.
Fatty hey, that's not funny. I'm kind of sensitive about my weight.
Five nights at Thomas's game, which is a really old finarfin game.
Floor plans of bank and disguising bag.
For the rest of the night, I wonder if like Hillary shows up once per hour.
Fox and welcome to our 60K sub celebration, yahar. So in honor of our awesome subscribers.
Foxy, are you OK? You don't seem like yourself.
Frag out.
Freddy, Bonnie, chica golden Freddy mangle. And that Rascal, that puppet, where is he? Come give me a hug.
Freshly cut grass and adventures.
From all of this turning the mouse. OK then. Alright, so yeah guys, it's been a while since we did affairs spare let's play. So I wanted to do a video on a game that's kind of simple and easy to ea...
Get ready. Oh, OK, I'm ready. I'm ready.
Go away, Thomas. Please.
Go to. Spam the call. Spam the call until he goes away. Spam the call until he goes away. Spam the call.
Guess we're gonna have to play more of this game to find out.
Guess who's back?
Ha ohh yeah look this good. So much so cool.
He calls himself Sir Topham hat and in the British one he called himself the Fat controller, which I think is the ultimate names of that character.
He died anyway. Nothing.
He left the defendant in the back, knowing he'd drive by it on the way back to the bank. When the witness and his partner passed the bag, he convinced his partner to throw the bag in with the others.
He was stuffed in there by this very witness. Whoa. Where we just turned this case around. Doctors analysis. The defendant had taken quite the beating. Ohh. The dog was announcing he was unconsciou...
He works 4A pizzeria.
Hello everyone, I'm Freddy Fazbear and welcome.
Hello kitties, and welcome to Candy's burgers and fries.
Hello. I wasn't hungry for a cupcake. So. Ohk OK, let's do this.
Hey, be quiet. That's not very nice. Oht cake.
Hey, who killed me? Let me give you a hint.
Hi everyone my name is B.
Hi ohh. I see you finished playing with my friends. Yay. Now you get to play with me. My name is Nightmare BB. I'm gonna try and catch you, but you can use your flashlight to stop me in my tracks. ...
Hi. Or what? I died again.
Hmm. Let's try the door this time.
Hmm. Oh.
Hmm. OK, rope.
Hmm. Whoa.
Holy beep. OK then. Well, let's start off with the first night with normal night as well. OK, let's do this.
Homelessness, pets right away. OK, your conductor. Whoa.
How did that work? It just shot through the door.
How funny that phone call is, but I can only really remember what the first phone call is like. I can't remember what the other ones were like. So.
However, I am now ready to deliver my verdict. Oh no.
I almost screwed up there. I was having trouble closing the door.
I broke his gutted half. Whoa, yeah, you better be scared. I am so tough. I'm just gonna stroll out of here. Finger bang.
I can hear that. Be quiet. Ohh. It's like when I used to crawl in the fence.
I can make it until 6:00 AM without my animatronic hand falling off.
I didn't get to read all that. Uh oh.
I do remember that phone call, so the phone calls aren't the same from the original game.
I don't even know what to say about that one. Hey, be quiet, OK?
I don't know what that is. Chug, chug, chug, chug. Whoa. What the? Oh my goodness.
I don't know what the British mode is like. Is there any difference in the game play? I don't know. So yeah.
I don't know. But if I manage to beat this night, guys, I wanna try doing this night again in the British mode because.
I don't think this is gonna work.
I find the defendant, Henry Stickman. Come on. Yes.
I finger banged all of them.
I give life. Yes, I heal my teammates.
I have proof that the defendant didn't hide himself in that bag. Ohh well then.
I like my finest stars here, OK?
I remember you. You're the one that didn't stop them from breaking and tearing me up. You did nothing to help.
I think in the British version he was called the Fat Controller.
I think this is a good position to take out the red team, and then I'm gonna upgrade this gun to its fullest potential. Let's see, bullet.
I thought that was cool. OK, one more to go. Cell phone.
I wanna try out the British mode AKA the Toy Freddy mode and see what the difference is.
I want cake.
I'll come on, I'll come on just ah, they got me.
I'm back at the pizzeria. This is amazing.
I'm going to be doing the most requested thing on the channel so far.
I'm gonna be that heavy because he's the most badass guy in this game. See. Watch me mow down these blue punks.
I'm gonna get you, punk. I'll start riding away, you coward. I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you.
I'm here to fill you in on what you need to do for your job here as a security guard at.
I'm ready. I'm ready.
I'm ready. Ohh whoa matrix style.
I'm walking out of here. Ooh.
Is is that the bag the defendant hidden? Yes.
Is my name be foxy, the pirate?
Is that correct? Is it not obvious?
Is the original like Thomas series like the TV series?
It doesn't matter anyway.
It'd be interesting to see if there's more enemies in this game. Probably not though. OK ohh, geez.
It's a standoff.
It's sending us back to the main menu. OK, then press enter please.
It's simple. He didn't. What are you saying? I'm saying my client wasn't hiding that bag at all.
Keeping Thomas away, tossing in the goal.
La La La La La La I like to kill.
Let us know in the comments below, as I said, if you want to see more of this game, and if so.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
Let's do it. Ohh you.
Let's do it. You.
Let's do this, and it seems like I got a star for doing the first night.
Let's get out of here.
Let's try it. Take it.
Let's try the plungers.
Looks like a back again. That's rat. You're rolled, buddy. Bonnet. I've got a new fire inside me. I'm all lit up. Lit up to do what I do best, scaring the heck out of little children. And while the...
Man. Hello. What's happening now? Close. OK. OK.
Maybe it's just the story slash phone calls that are different.
Me. Me. Me, me.
Night one. OK. close the door when you see Thomas.
No need to worry, I'm an expert.
No time to go on to the battlefield. OK snipe attempt #2 ohh no ohh no not again. Alright, that's it. I'm just gonna take out all these guys.
Nope. No.
Not guilty.
Not reading? Hey, you've got a package.
Now I'm going to get my revenge and show you what it feels like to be torn up into little pieces.
NRG side effects include nausea, headaches, rapid heartbeat and possibilities of stroke and or heart attack.
Oh my God, I got snow. Come on. I bet my whole pizza stash and I can get someone.
Oh, it's so great to be back. I can't wait to see my best friends.
Oh, oh, we're gonna reload. We gotta reload. OK, we're all good now.
Oh, OK, I got to present evidence.
Oh, sneaky. Ending dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. I'm a free man. OK, this time I think I'll try the teleporter.
Oh, we're going to court, OK.
Ohh double crap. Ohh.
Ohh give me your best shot.
Ohh great. I'm gonna get you back to that Bonnie. Ohh no you're not.
Ohh hey B it's so good to see you again.
Ohh hi Tomas. OK. Yeah.
Ohh I got him. Not only can I give life.
Ohh it just got one of them. Ohh there's some. Let's get him. Go, go, go. OK, that's a scout.
Ohh my gosh. Oh oh quick reflexes. Yeah, like reflexes. Whoa, that was close.
Ohh no ohh crap what the ohh.
Ohh no ohh man Ouch.
Ohh no OK let's half life two this thing with a crowbar.
Ohh no. Ohh OK.
Ohh now more cops. Oh good, I escaped.
Ohh ow, let's try the rocket launcher.
Ohh right guys so please give this video.
Ohh what's happening? Ohh no.
Ohh yay.
Ohh yeah alright what?
Ohh yeah I know we would. The red team's the best haha.
Ohh yeah OK guys. So I think that's a good way to end this video with my team winning haha.
Ohh yeah. Hey you can't shoot me. You can't shoot me ha ha.
Ohh yes I did it. Come on, come on. The rounds almost over.
Ohh, are you kidding me? I hope all the blue guys are miserable right now. Yeah, dance party. Whoo. All right. Oh, OK, this is gonna be interesting because I haven't used this gun before.
Ohh. Fail Pro tip look before you leap.
Ohh. What happened? Ohh OK.
Ohh. What just happened?
OK guys, so I really hope you enjoyed our 60K.
OK guys, so that was no one both the American version.
OK then.
OK then. I forgot.
OK, as ran alongside my partner in the armored man. But generally.
OK, he's gone. Alright then.
OK, I forgot about that. Some other useful information that you may be able to use. Shut up. Sorry, man. I'll be right there. Yeah, shut up. Simple resolution. You're ohh you need to pump comma for...
OK, let's try the drill.
OK, Ohh, belt of grenades or a chair?
OK, that was interesting.
OK, we got an endless night, alright.
OK. Good Thomas face again. Ohh.
OK. Yeah, because I notice in the American phone call.
On some delicious little kitties.
Ooh, there's special things in the cake. OK, so I gotta use one of these things to escape.
Ouch. Way to aim, way to aim. I wasn't aiming. The guy was. Geez.
Pick up the phone. Hello and welcome to Thomas's Pizza railway. Ohh. Your controller. The fat controller.
Play me team, it's good to see you again.
Plungers parachute jetpack.
Putting coal in the furnace keeps Thor power. OK, and when?
Ready. Oh, I'm out.
Ready. OK, before it gets cold. Yeah. Information you may be able to use silence, you old cow. Sorry Mumsy, I'll be right there. Ohh my goodness. Ohh bloody hell. Some other information that you ma...
Right. Draw patience.
Right. Yeah, yeah, of course I checked it. I mean, if I didn't check it, I'd lose my job. I don't lose my job. I don't think you checked it.
Rough landing foxy. Is that you? Ohh owl?