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A. Select arena
A. Start Fight
A. Team battle
A. Thx original
A. Versus
A. You lose
A. You win
B. Bocina
B. Bocina3x
B. Crowd boo
B. Dramatic
B. Golpear
B. Mgs alert
B. Rimshot
C. Countdown 60
C. Elevator
C. One hour later
E. Balls face
E. Brutality
E. Combo breaker
E. Denied
E. Fatality
E. Finish him
F. Benny hill
F. Over9000
M. Monster kill
M. Monsters fight
P. Damaged coda
P. Directed by
P. Epicfail
P. He fed up
P. Hellodarknessmyoldfriend
P. Run
P. Sad violin
P. Titanic Fail
P. Wii mii theme
T. Cash register
T. Grillos
T. Itsatrap
V. Arnie hasta la vista
V. Mamadisimo
V. This is the way
V. to live forever